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Jun 9, 2008 10:52 AM

Currently in Vancouver, where should we eat?

We are big on Seafood, Italian, French, New American... something trendy, unique,
we also enjoy sitting at the bar to eat. We are here until Sunday. Visiting from Philadelphia. Thanks

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  1. I just got back from a Vancouver food tour. I spend a week looking up restaurants and researching and decided on West, Metro, Gastropod, and Aurora Bistro. All four of them were some of the best meals I've ever had in my life. We did the chef's menu at Metro and Gastropod and they were our favorites.

    Other places I wanted to try but didn't have time

    Bin 941/942
    Greedy Pig

    All of them have websites with the menus and prices and you can book through

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      Along with rob1234's great recs, let me suggest Guu (with Garlic or the Original), Hapa, Kingyo. Have a look at this for more tips.

      Seafood - I suggest Blue Water. They also have a great sushi bar.

      Italian - Cioppino's

      French - Fuel, Gastropod for new style cuisine. Le Crocodile for authentic French. I'll toss in Chambar under "French".

      West Coast/BC/Vancouver - Boneta,Aurora, Metro

      Sitting at the bar - Salt Tasting Room, Boneta, Cobre

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        Thank you! I will give an update!!

      2. Check out Vancouver Magazine's 19th Annual Restaurant Awards. Its a very helpful article with all the location information you'll need.

        My personal favourites are: Vij's for high-end Indian, Il Giardino for high-end Italian, Terra Breads for a quick lunch on amazing bread, I won't miss a burger at a White Spot when I'm back but some visitors don't like the grizzly patty (it's a nostalgic thing), Seigel's Bagels, Dunbar Brick Oven Pizza, Chambar, Bridges Patio (more for view than food), the Ceasar (Canadian Bloody Mary) and fresh oysters at Rodney's in Yaletown, Greek food anywhere between MacDonald and Alma streets on West Broadway, any pastry from The Bonton bakery and the Sheep's Milk Feta from Dusos and the donuts from Lee's in the Granville Island Public Market.

        1. Chambar on Beatty St! Excellent cocktails and delicious food. I would highly suggest the Belgian Poutine (duck fat fries with blue cheese and veal demi-glace).