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Jun 9, 2008 10:39 AM

Moroccan Restaurant in OC

Is that Moroccan restaurant on PCH in Newport Beach, maybe a mile south of the PCH and the 55, still there? What's the name of it?

I am not talking about Marrakesh in Costa Mesa, which is on Newport Blvd.

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  1. Can't say I've seen anything Moroccan in the vicinty you've described in the last 5 or 6 years...

    1. Matrrakesh used to be on PCH one mile on Mariners Mile a bit before Dover.
      It moved to Newport blvd.

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      1. re: stuartmm

        The OP said he was not talking about Marrakesh.

        I wonder if you are thinking of Mozambique in Laguna. It is on PCH and is African/European.

        I can't think of any other Moroccan restaurant that has ever been in Newport.

        1. re: cdmedici

          No, they said they were not talking about the Marrakesh ON Newport ( or "in Costa Mesa" if i have to be that exact ) but as i tried to say, maybe not clearly enough, it used to be at the exact description where they though the other Moroccan rest. was.
          ie It was the previous Marrakesh rest.

          1. re: stuartmm

            I am not thinking of Mozambique, that's too far from the location I mentioned. Plus it was some taco place before.

            Stuartmm, thanks for the info. Didn't realize Marrakesh had moved. I drove by Marrakesh, last week and found it strange that there would be two Morroccan restaurants within a couple miles of each other.

            1. re: reality check

              casablanca is the name!
              It lasted few months!
              It opened few blocks from the first marrakech by one of its former managers....but went down pretty fast for unknown reasons...