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Jun 9, 2008 10:32 AM

Any good mofongo in the Tampa Bay area?

My boyfriend fell in love with mofongo served with fried pork chunks while in Puerto Rico. I was hoping to find a place that served a mofongo similar to what he had as a upcoming birthday treat. Any suggestions?

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  1. La Lechonera Restaurant
    5601 N. Armenia Ave., Tampa
    (813) 870-3504

    Here's a "review" of the place by a pair of local personal chefs. You may see some other hidden gems you find interesting. Scroll down to see what they thought.

    1. La Casona is also on Armenia and a friend from Puerto Rico raves about their mofongo and all of their food. He says it's as close to his mother's as possible and him and his wife take the out-of-towners there all the time. I went once and enjoyed it- though you might have to deal with indifferent service (which is not unheard of with many ethnic resaturants in Tampa). I don't know anything about La Lechonera.

      5709 N Armenia Ave, Tampa, FL 33603

      1. Thanks for the suggestions!!!

        1. Pardon my ignorance. What is mofongo?

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            I hope you're not 'waiting' for an answer, when you can Google it and know immediately...

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              Point taken. Sarcasm unnecessary.