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Catering at Marine's Memorial Club

Hi there --

Has anyone eaten at the Marine's Memorial Club? Or been to a wedding there?

Am considering it for an event but am concerned about how tasty their food is & I'd have to go with their caterer. Before I try it myself, thought I'd go to the chowhound community.


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  1. There are some reports on the restaurant, dunno about catering.

    Leatherneck Steakhouse & Lounge
    609 Sutter St, San Francisco, CA 94102

    1. Though I personally have not attended any, I have a friend who is executive secretary to a couple of medical groups (surgeons, primarily, I think). She regularly schedules venues for their meetings which always include lunch and sometimes dinner. She uses the Marines' Memorial Club often and has been pleased with the quality of the food and service and will continue to schedule events there. She, and her groups, are kind of picky so I trust her judgement.

      1. I just read the post title "Dinner for 150". Check out the comments there.

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        1. Setting is more suited to a professional group meeting/luncheon. Can't really see it for a wedding reception....

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            My niece had her rehearsal dinner there... food was ok, the view from the private rooms is spectacular!


          2. i had my wedding there 2 years ago, and it was fantastic. they took amazing care of us and i did not have to worry about one single thing about the day of. marianne and marian handled everything to the letter and then went above and beyond without even asking. The food was fantastic. my parents went with us to the tasting and had our favorites picked before hand thinking that we would "upgrade" our meals, which in fact we did not since the options that they gave us were amazing. If you want, I do have pictures of the food that we had on our wedding day that I would be willing to send you if you would like, the presentation was wonderful and they made sure that we (bride and groom) were fed and given all the appetizers to eat. We had our wedding in the crystal ballroom which was stunning.

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              wedding planning is, in my opinion, a hideous process. You all are making it much better. Thanks! I would love to see photos. Is it possible to share it over chowhound so other folks can see? If not, then I'll shoot you my email.

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                i tried to upload a few... but let me try again

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                  i tried again and it won't work since the photos are too big... i am willing to send via email if you would like.... i have photos of apps, salad and two of the main dishes... also the cake which was an outside vendor i would highly recommend.

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                    We're going pie. Anyone have a pie recommendation? Our friends will be making most of them but if there's a good place to get. Mission Pie is of course, an option.

                    Thanks Mel, please email them

                    sarahkiva at yahoo dot com

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                Hi Mel - I'd love to see those photos of the Marines' Club food since we missed the tasting. Or could you recommend a couple of the entrees? Which ones did you go with? Thanks!

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                  i have tried to post the photos, but they are too big of a file since they are from our photographer. We had the beef tenderloin with bernaise sauce and the potato crusted sea bass. They also did a vege pasta option for the vendors and the few vegs in our party. In terms of the apps, they were all great. I can't remember all of the ones we had, but the ones that I do remember were: onion/gorgonzola tartlet, smoked salmon with caviar and potato, beef tenderloin on polenta... the food was really good and the staff serving were great and incredibly professional and accomodating. If you can do the tasting, it is a great opportunity to meet some of the staff and to see/taste the food. MMC was very accomodating and had one of the bartenders my dad really like work our wedding. sorry about the late response.

              3. Make sure they have enough cocktail servers if you are having a party on thge top floor. We had a party for 50 and they one had one server, who was overwhelmed.

                We got a big suite on the 4th floor and were able to have about 30 people in the room, this was very fun. It had a gigantic bar area.

                Guests coming to your reception will enjoy the proximity to Union Square, and the free breakfast and happy hour,. Plus, for SF the rooms are reasonable.

                One drawback is the parking, which is a short wallk to the hotel, no valet.