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Jun 9, 2008 10:23 AM

Catering at Marine's Memorial Club

Hi there --

Has anyone eaten at the Marine's Memorial Club? Or been to a wedding there?

Am considering it for an event but am concerned about how tasty their food is & I'd have to go with their caterer. Before I try it myself, thought I'd go to the chowhound community.


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  1. There are some reports on the restaurant, dunno about catering.

    Leatherneck Steakhouse & Lounge
    609 Sutter St, San Francisco, CA 94102

    1. Though I personally have not attended any, I have a friend who is executive secretary to a couple of medical groups (surgeons, primarily, I think). She regularly schedules venues for their meetings which always include lunch and sometimes dinner. She uses the Marines' Memorial Club often and has been pleased with the quality of the food and service and will continue to schedule events there. She, and her groups, are kind of picky so I trust her judgement.

      1. I just read the post title "Dinner for 150". Check out the comments there.

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        1. Setting is more suited to a professional group meeting/luncheon. Can't really see it for a wedding reception....

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            My niece had her rehearsal dinner there... food was ok, the view from the private rooms is spectacular!


          2. The original comment has been removed