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Jun 9, 2008 10:13 AM

Trip tips for Three Days in Portland

We're visiting Portland for three days in July, and hoping for a food focused vacation. I think I have some good ideas for higher end restaurants, but was hoping for tips about other kinds of food finds (bakeries, cafes with great food, cocktail spots). Stuff that locals know but I have no clue about...

Also, we're open to staying anywhere in Portland. We love walking and public transportation but will have a car. Any suggestions for neighborhoods or hotels? We live in the Mission in San Francisco and are pretty comfortable with any urban experience.

Thanks so much.

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  1. I've heard that the Inn at Northrup Station is nice and it's relatively close to everything via the Street Car, walking, buses, etc. You have NW 21st and 23rd which is a great walking neighborhood with great restaurants like Caffe Mingo, Jo Bar, Lucy's Table. Or, you can head down to the Pearl District to places like Andina (Peruvian), Blue Hour, Fratelli. You can take the street car or walk downtown to Clyde Common, Saucebox, South Park (which is near the Art Museum), Higgins.

    I also like the Hotel DeLuxe which is on the Max (train) line and easily accessible to everything (the zoo, Japanese and Rose gardens, PGE Park). It has a great restaurant and bar and beautiful decor.

    The Ace Hotel is very cool but definitely a hipster joint. However, don't write it off because of this. The staff at the Clyde Common and the hotel are great. I have not visited the Stumptown coffee shop or Kenny and Zukes deli yet but I have heard many good things. The Ace is also located in an area close to everything (Powells Books, Half and Half Cafe).

    Hope this helps get you started!

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      I just stayed at Hotel DeLuxe and loved it. It is just a short walk from the downtown area - I walked everywhere - but being about three blocks off, it is quieter than, say, The Ace or Hotel Lucia. The rooms were terrific and the staff excellent. I will stay there again.

      I had terrific meals at Paley's Place, Typhoon (at the Hotel Lucia), Toro Bravo (wonderful) and Wildwood. I am back again at the end of July as well!


      There is a lot of great food on the East side of Portland (downtown is west). Since you have a car it should be no problem. Most of the touristy destinations are on the west-side - something to keep in mind when planning meals and respite btw meals.

      1. Like another, I suggest eastside if you want to go local as opposed to touristy.
        Consider staying at Kennedy School, a converted elementary school now a hotel/conference center/brewpub/concert venue, short walk from Alberta St, one of our finest food streets (Random Order Coffee for great pies etc, Alberta Street Oyster House).

        Hopefully you'll be here over a Saturday so you can go to Portland Farmers' Market and once there sample our finest bakeries such as Pearl Bakery or Ken's Artisan. PFM was rated by Eating Well Mag as among the nation's top 5 mkts.

        Also take in 28th between Glisan & Stark: Ken's Artisan Pizza, Pambiche, Noble I said, plenty of eastside gems 95% of tourists will never taste!

        Other must-goes:
        Cocktail: Teardrop Lounge
        Distillery: Clear Creek
        Chocolate: Sahagun
        where you will find handmade single-origin truffles that are far better than Rechiutti.

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          Even closer to Kennedy School than Alberta street is the little enclave of places around NE 30th and Killingsworth: Extracto for great coffee, Autentica for really good Mexican, and Beast for a very good fixed-price dinner. Plus beer drinkers really like Concordia Ale House for the variety of beers on tap.

        2. The Ace Hotel would be my choice. It shares the same block as Stumptown, Kenny & Zukes Deli, and Clyde Common. Not too far away are a couple of my favorite places, Ten-01 and Teardrop Lounge. The Ace is also two blocks away from Powell's Books. It's right next to the food carts on 10th and Alder. It's adjacent to the streetcar and not too far from the MAX.

          If you want to check out the humbler end of the spectrum, the Ace is also close to Karam (great Lebanese food) and Tandoor Indian Kitchen.

          On the eastside, I think Pok Pok should be a must-visit, and that stretch of Hawthorne and Division IMO really embodies the whole vibe of Portland in general.

          This tip sheet should help you out:

          (It's intentionally *not* comprehensive, but it should give you a starting game plan.)

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