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Jun 9, 2008 09:44 AM

Mangosteens spotted in New Jersey.

I picked up a bag of Mangosteens at Hong Kong Supermarket on RT 18 South in East Brunswick yesterday. $8.00/lb. They were quite small and tasted rather green, so I will wait a while to see if they ripen somewhat . The bag indicated that they were Thai and were quarantined. My question is for how long? and did it effect the taste and texture? The ones I've tasted in Hong Kong, and Manila were larger, and sweeter, but I guess that's to be exspected .

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  1. Thanks for the tip! We're headed over there this evening to see what there is. How is the ripening going? Hopefully, they're still in stock, as it's a bit of a schlep for us... Anything you'd recco to eat in the area? How far are we from Thai Chili in Spotswood at that point? Any good Vietnamese out by the HK market? Thanks!

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      They should be ready to go by now, however my wife ate the remaining few and pronounced them to be just so so, but she had several mangosteen trees in her back yard in Manila so she's a bit biased.HK supermarket has a small bakery that has the best curry and coconut cream buns, and check out the buffet, the ladies serves up chinese home cooking and at $4.75 for 3 selections over rice, it's a steal. ps: Nobody speaks english, so wing it when it comes to the selections of the day.
      Thai chili is only 10 min away but the best Vietnamese is in South Amboy, about 20 min away but worth the trip.
      Thanh Hoai II
      960 Rt 9 south
      South Amboy 732 727 2000.
      Try the whole wok fried flounder. and it's BYOB but there is a liquor store in the same stripmall.

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        Thanks for the input! Maybe we'll just eat at their buffet. South Amboy may only be 20 min from the market, but it's really far from home...but i'll definitely write Thanh Hoai II down for a future food safari!

    2. I saw mangosteens in Shoprite in Neptune. $15.00 for 4 of them!