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Jun 9, 2008 09:41 AM

[Hou] Client Dinner for 25 Near Galleria

I have a client in Houston not too far from the Galleria whom we want to take out to dinner. In the past, my boss has run the show, and he always chose Pappsitos on Richmond. After a couple of years, we have decided we needed a change and something a bit closer. Any ideas on a fun place, maybe around $20-$30 a head that could take on this big a group?

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  1. Perhaps a bit of help - I've heard that Maggiano's has a room that would be suitable. I was looking for a similar arrangement and that is what was suggested to me. The dinner was hosted at a personal home, so I never followed up on it.

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      I have hosted for a group at Maggiano's and I heartily recommend it. Yes, it's a chain, but they do a good job.

      Not sure if they have a private room, but a quick phone call will determine that.

      I HIGHLY recommend that you pre-order their family style meal: Two salads, two pastas, two entrees, two dessrerts. For lunch it's MAYBE $20 inclusing tax & tip. You can add appetizers if you like but it's plenty of food. THey'll bring additional platters if you need them. The conviviality of eating family style is really enjoyable. THeir website has some info, but give them a call to discuss your needs.



    2. Gigi's asian bistro right next to del friscos? I went recently and really enjoyed the food especially the green curry short ribs with a veg/fruit that resmbles a tomatillo? Per person may end up stretching the limits of the budget. It does not have a seperate dining room for groups though.

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        do you think it was thai eggplant? i have a photo of a green curry and panang curry both with thai egglant in it in my dining in grocery stores thread on egullet.

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          Yeah, I bet it was Thai eggplant.