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Jun 9, 2008 09:39 AM

Where to eat in Riverhead NY?

Any recommendations for a restaurant for 2 adults and a three year old for a week night dinner? We all love Korean, Chinese, Japanese and Italian food.

Thank you!

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  1. If you love Korean, Chinese and Japanese, Riverhead is not your best place. Head in to Flushing.

    For Italian food, we like Michaelangelo's in Mattituck. Go there on a cool night because their air conditioning is poor. It is better Italian food than most other places out there, but it is not gourmet food. We do not like Parto's in Riverhead.

    I heard that Pepi's is also good. It is a bit further away in Southold.

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    1. re: Fred19

      You definitely know more about Oriental food than us, but we still like Hy Tings in the village for old fashioned (1960s) Chinese food and ambience.
      Very nostalgic feel.

      1. re: coll

        Hy Ting is definitely the place for your wonton soup, chicken chow mein, fried rice and eggroll. They also have other old standards and do it well. It is truly a trip into days gone by.

        If you want more adventurous, you may want to try further up-island at the Orient, Chef Zhong's or the Fortune Wheel.

      2. re: Fred19

        Fred19, when did you last try Parto's? When they first opened (2005, 06?) we didn't care for the food, but I tried again a few times this past winter and found it much improved. I also like the food at Village Pizza in Mattituck.

        1. re: gnocchi

          Gnocchi, We tried Parto's when they first opened, twice. The food was awful both times, and it was very hot in the dining area.Since the number of affordable restaurants are diminishing, I think we may give Parto's another try. When we do, we will report back on it, in spades.

          The trend now is to open up very up scale restaurants, with the attached name of an executive chef who is known for his other over-priced restaurants.

      3. Funchos - great mexican, not a sit down restaurant, but they do have seating.

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        1. re: CityFoodNY

          Drove by both the Roadhouse and Buoy One last night both had full parking lots .Buoy One had a good outdoor dining crowd and busy takeout .I did get me a menu .How are these places?????????

          1. re: scunge

            I'm not crazy about either one. Even though I only live a couple of minutes away, I've only gone once to each and that was that.
            Funcho's and Snowflake ice cream across the street are another story. I'm at both constantly.