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Jun 9, 2008 09:39 AM

Monday Night deals

I know I've heard about restaurants all over the city that have Monday and/or Tuesday night deals (there's one in Tribeca with half priced mussels or something on Mondays). But of course i can't remember anything specifically. Does anyone know which places have these kinds of deals? or how i could find some kind of a list?


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  1. I don't know of any special list.

    On Sunday, Monday and Tuesday evenings, Devi has a $20 dinner special. Details on the website.

    Fleur de Sel often runs Monday evening wine specials. I get the alerts via e-mail. So, if you're interest, you should contact the restaurant and ask to be put on their e-mail list.

    1. I'd like to re-introduce this thread. Any new monday night deals out there?

      1. Wined and Dined has done admirable work on this front: