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Jun 9, 2008 09:20 AM

Linguica, preferably Gaspar's?

Where can I find it? Ideally within a reasonable radius of Bowie, Maryland. Will drive farther if I must. Thanks.

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  1. Two places come to mind. One is the A & H Seafood Market in Bethesda. I believe the owners are Portuguese, perhaps Spanish. Good selection, worth the drive

    The other is the Euro Latin Market in Arlington, VA. Euro-Latino Grocery, 2700 Pershing Dr. (at Washington Blvd.), Arlington. 703-524-6800. Farther for you, but great selection as well.

    Cocinero Cubano

    1. Unless they have stopped selling it, Shoreline Seafood in the median of MD 3 in Gambrills, MD (just north of Crofton) usually has very good linguica and other sausages. Call before you go, since they sometimes sell out.

      DC: 301-261-6814
      Balt: 410-793-0516

      1. I've bought it several times at Harris Teeter.