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Jun 9, 2008 09:02 AM

Picnic provisions: Boston, Cambridge, Belmont, Arlington, Watertown

I live in the Back Bay and need to be in Belmont by 11am tomorrow with sandwiches and other picnic provisions. Can anyone recommend a place to pick up sandwiches and stuff tomorrow morning, maybe around 10am? My normal route is to get on Storrow at Berkeley Street to the Eliot Bridge, Fresh Pond Parkway, and Concord Avenue into Belmont, but I can alter the route for the right place! I guess the Whole Foods at Fresh Pond is one option. Others?

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  1. D'Agostino's in Arlington Heights is just up and over the hill from Belmont Center. They make all kinds of sandwiches there and also have produce and desserts available. Probably a little cheaper than Whole Foods, though the meats might not be as good in quality.

    1. It's a quite limited range of options, but they are all really good at Iggy's Bread store on Fawcett street, right on your path.

      I bet if you call ahead (today), they will make up an order sandwiches, pizzas, foccacia, or other treats that would work well for a picnic. If so, it will be fresh and good.

      Other pricier call-ahead choices nearby would be Formaggio Kitchen on Huron Ave or Hi-Rise Bakery on Concord at Huron.

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        There's Panera Bread in Watertown in the "Arsenal complex". There's also one on Lexington St. in Waltham, which is a straight shot up Trapelo from Belmont. There is also a Shaws in the same plaza so you could go in there and get whatever else you might need.

      2. How about Russo's in Watertown? Take the Pike to exit 17, swing by Russo's, then from there it is an easy shot to Belmont.

        1. Coming out Fresh Pond Parkway take a right at the light at Huron Ave and go to Formaggio Kitchen = picnic paradise. The suggestion to call ahead is a good one.

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            Formaggio is DEFINITE picnic paradise. Does not get any better. Bit pricey though.

            I also always like a stop at Sevan and Arax.

          2. For a small, or not so small, fortune, there's always High Rise down the road from Formaggio, and Sarah's Market across the street has sandwiches, too, but I haven't had them in quite a while.