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Jun 9, 2008 08:50 AM

Challenging All Chowhouds- Pureed Food

Hello Chowhounds!

Here is the challenge:

A close friend of mine is having surgery next week. For several weeks after he will only be able to eat pureed food. I would like to prepare some delicious meals ahead of time so all he will have to do is thaw and/or heat them. I would like to include at least one dessert that is not icecream or a shake. Obviously, soups are great and I would like to make a couple of classic soups, then maybe one or two less traditional.

Ok Chowhounds, what should I make?? Do you have any GREAT recipes??

Thank you!

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  1. I made carrot soup yesterday that was pureed. Recipe included a pound or so of carrots, peeled and sliced into thin rounds, about one Tbs ro more of sliced ginger, one onion diced and one clove of garlic minced. This was cooked in a pressure cooker for speed but could be done on the stove in a regular pot. Cook until carrots are very tender. Puree and add a little cream and I like a little acid. I used a spash of champagne vinegar and the juice of one orange. Seasoned while cooking with salt and pepper. Serve hot or cold.

    1. What about a shepherds pie sort of thing? Puree the ground beef or lamb with the gravy/ top with puree carrots/ add well mashed potato and bake. It would have the advantage of looking like "real food".

      For dessert - a fool (puree fruit folded into whipped cream) would be lovely. A nice custard? Oooh creme caramel would work well there.

      1. Remember to include a white bean puree, scented with garlic and evoo. Very satisfying.

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          Several years ago, I made a really fantastic roasted red pepper and bleu cheese soup. Unfortunately, I no longer have the recipe but if I can find something similar online I'll post it in the home cooking forum.

          For something simple and sweet, one of my favorites is a blend of ricotta and real whipped cream with a bit of vanilla. You could add a bit of honey or sugar for a hint of sweetness and then top with a mango or raspberry (or both) puree.

        2. Congee. It is the cure for what ails you! :)

          Dessert could be all manner of puddings (rice, tapioca, chocolate...) or maybe even a really smooth cheesecake.

          1. I wonder what he could have with hummus or black bean dip? Also maybe mashed sweet potatoes? Carrot, cuke, beet juice with whatever other veggies sound good...