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Jun 9, 2008 08:48 AM

Wagyu beef

Are there any restaurants in Boston that offer wagyu beef, besides O Ya? On the Japanese Beef Marbling Scale, which runs from 1 (worst) to 12 (best), USDA Prime rates a middling 6. Wagyu reaches 11 and, if you travel to Japan, a transcendent 12.

The New York Times ran a good article on wagyu beef last year:

Wagyu beef is beautifully marbled:

USDA Prime, the highest domestic grade, is woefully lean by comparison:

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  1. I've had supposedly prime beef in Japan and I swear it tastes almost the same, but maybe I'm not much of a beef connoisseur. It's good and definitely good quality beef, but not out of this world for me and certainly not worth the out of this world prices.

    I thought KO Prime or Moo (or both) was touting their wagyu beef when they first opened.

    1. American Kobe is very different than Japanese Kobe which is not avail. in the US.

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        Japanese Kobe/Waygu was made available in the US last year. See the NYT article linked to above.

        KO Prime lists it on their current menu.

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          on 2 separate occasions, my friends and i have been extremely dissapointed with KO prime's "kobe." My bf only eats meat and carbs (and has had a lot of kobe beef in japan) and he could tell after the first bite that it was completely not kobe. it was so bad he didnt even finish it.

      2. Both KO Prime and Mooo.... offer Japanese beef for $30/oz. American wagyu is a very different product as the Japanese method of raising the cattle would never pass our animal cruelty laws.

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          A lot of people don't realize that (the cruelty thing). They think that it's nice that the cows get massaged by hand, and don't hear the dark side of the story.

        2. The original comment has been removed
          1. Shabu Zen offers Wagyu for ~$80.