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Jun 9, 2008 08:37 AM

Ate at Ford's Filling Station - tips on what to try

I was in LA for 10 days recently.. 5 of us ate at fords the second night - it was all so good we ended up eating off of each others plates. And I came back for lunch 3 more times - yes - I made the drive all the way from Hollywood - it was like my comfort spot in this perfect and beautiful little neighborhood..... I could see myself set up there with my computer relaxing in the afternooons every time I go back.
Jamon Serrano, Hot Sopressata, and Mortadella - little olives - ate the plate clean - delicious!
Also tried this new dish they recommended called Sturgeon Confit with smoked tomatoes and olive and leek compote on a crostini - yikes it was incredible!! I was skeptical but it was major delicious.
4 Cheese Pizza on flatbread - light and savory!
Kusshi Oysters - small and succulent - (usually I get tough big ones in other restaurants) great!
Roasted Beet Salad - my mother used to force to eat beets - so this is the first time since a kid to eat them on a dare at the table - I loved them!!! (in shock)
Buttermilk Fried Chicken - I am from the south so I wondered about this one but decided to try because our server recommended it - but it was crispy and boneless - on top of great potatoes and succotash .... I have died and gone to heaven!
Polenta Cake - wow - I had no idea polenta could be so delicious.
Fish and Chips - Every bite was perfect!
We also tried the Shrimp Curry - as a curry aficionado I have to admit this is really good - the bacon on top and the toppings on the side make it perfect.
And something that brought me back for lunch 3 more times ( I am now addicted) - the Pulled Pork Panini! Unbelievable! I hated to see the last bite go.
For dessert we had Tobblerone ice cream - chocolate and white chocolate. My favorite was the plain dark chocolate - so silky and rich!!!
The other dessert we ordered was the banana split - we all devoured it too...with three scoops of all the Toblerone flavors in it. Yummy and big!
Oh yea - my husband loved the margaritas sin sal. I loved the Fat Tire. the others had wine.
And one more thing - they make fresh lemonade there - couldn't resist! I am so crazy about this restaurant. It feels so good.

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  1. Ford's doesn't seem to get a lot of love around here. I love to read the positive post. I too love Ford's. And now, darn it, it looks like I have to go today. The shrimp curry is just too tempting.

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        While my perverse sense of humor has tempted me to say it can be found at the corner of www. and I will instead tell you that you will find all relevant information here:

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          i just saw the site - didn't know there was one - really great site! someone must keep it up to date....

      2. Much thanks Servorg, nice website!

        1. Thanks for the review. Ford's on my to try list after the Taste of the Nation sampling. I was very pleasantly surprised, as I didn't see a lot of fans from CH on this restaurant in previous reviews.

          1. After 1st visit you can add me to the list of Ford's fans -- really enjoyed their lentil w/goat cheese salad and their sturgeon with lightly smoked tomatoes was truly spectacular -- great flavors and perfectly cooked. Waitress was a helpful, laid-back, fresh-scrubbed Northern California type. Atmosphere was perfect -- very open and chill.