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Jun 9, 2008 08:35 AM

Best NH Lobster Roll?

Hey, it's summer again when lobster rolls are at their finest. So far we've been mildly disappointed by the lobster rolls at The Tide in Hillsborough. Last Friday we made an unexpected stop at Johnson's Dairy Bar in Northwood. Their lobster meat was fresh with just a token piece of lettuce on their own bread that my husband swore was an extra long hot dog roll. The menu said it was homemade bread which I thought had more flavor and texture than your average hot dog roll, standing up well to toasting. Also two thumbs up for their onion nuggests.
Haven't been to the Dipsy Doodle in Sanbornton NH yet this season but our son reports excellent lobster rolls. We stopped going to the Tammarack a couple of years ago - any improvement?
We have a scheduled trip to the Peterborough/Dublin area in a few weeks. Any tips for that area?

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  1. The best lobster roll in the Peterborough/Dublin area (in my opinion) can be found at Kimball's Farm in Jaffrey on Route 124. They also have great ice cream and fried fish/clams/scallops. MMMMmmm. It is very busy on the weekends, less so during the week. Inside and outside seating is available. Other decent restaurants (non-lobster roll) are Acqua Bistro, Pearl, Harlow's Pub and 12 Pine (gourmet coffee, sandwiches, gelato) in Peterborough; Del Rossi's in Dublin. HTH.

    1. not gonna say it's the best, but i really like the one at Ceal's clam shack in Seabrook Beach. Add a side of fries and yummy.

      1. Oh, just wanted to add that I had some of the lobster salad from Saffron Bistro in Nashua and it's quite possibly the worst I have ever tasted.

        1. We just enjoyed two perfect rolls at Dipsee Doodle (you need to stop) - off Exit 19 (Northwood) off Rt. 93 going north (exit 20 if you are traveling south on 93). You can get them hot with butter, or cold with touch of mayo (mega meat and claws).

          I keep hearing that the best is in Ctr Harbor, just across from the Lake at Sam & Rosies (but I haven't tried yet) - I'll have to compare because I'm loving Dipsy Doodle's. We had friends staying in the lakes region that tried many lobster rolls looking for the best, they voted Sam & Rosies (but they didn't try DD).

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            Hi Lexpatti, that would be Northfield not Northwood ... I thought it was Sanbornton. Hope to try Sam & Rosies sometime this summer.

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              thanks, you're right - Northwood, northfield, sanbornville, sanbornton, etc. eeeek, did they run out of names or what.

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                Northfield, Exit 19 if you're heading north on Rt 93! We had an appt Wed evening so just had to eat somewhere near Sanbornton so, of course, Dipsy Doodle won out. The lobster rolls were excellent plus a good deal for $10.50. We splurge for the plate which meant a small side of half decent cole slaw and fries but for another 75 cents we could sub onion rings or sweet potato fries. Onion rings were very good. My husand proclaimed the sweet potato fries to be the best he'd ever eaten. Very crispy. I think Johnson's Dairy bar in Northwood has a slight edge because of the larger, homemade roll. I'm a little worried about crowds at Dipsy Doodle because the young workers are a bit disorganized. We topped off our meals with Dipsy Spinners which are basically soft serve ice cream with mix-ins. I chose strawberries and fresh bananas. Very good. Normally I don't eat soft serve.

          2. So glad you tried them (Dipsy Doodle) - we loved the sweet potato fries too.

            Now you have to try Sam & Rosie's in Center Harbor - I did today. Wow, totally awesome and now I'm torn between them and DD for the best. Sam & Rosies was very much like DD in that it had huge chunks & big claws of meat, light mayo and no celery. They only had a plate (couldn't get a solo) for $16.00 so on price, I would eat at DD over Sam & Rosies since I'm trying to watch calories. I think the plate at DD is still less then the plate at S&R. You could get ff or onion rings as a side, and again I would opt for Sweet Potato Fried at DD.

            Anyway, both fantastic, costs me more to drive up there with gas prices - but got to see mom & dad! :-)

            I haven't been to tamarac either for a while, didn't enjoy the last time (I think they used langastino (sp?)