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Jun 9, 2008 08:19 AM

Prawn Crackers in the OC

Does anyone know of any chinese restaurants in the Irvine area that serve prawn crackers? I'm a Brit expat and its one of the foods I miss the most. I've tried making them myself with the stuff they sell at the Chinese supermarkets, but it's not the same. Please help!

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  1. Shrimp chips? Same stuff you buy at the Chinese supermarkets, but maybe the oil they use is different. Otherwise its the same stuff you're buying. Only dish I ever see them served with is Chinese fried chicken.

    1. When you say prawn crackers, do you mean the large, round and puffy prawn-flavored items (they sort of melt in your mouth like Skips) or prawn cocktail-flavored crisps? The former can be found in packages at most Asian markets, though the packaging is usually in different languages. I usually hear those described as "shrimp chips." If there are any Indonesian restaurants in the Irvine area, they may also have prawn crackers for sale. Crisps can be found at different British markets.

      1. I mean the puffy, different colored crackers you get in a chinese restaurant, not skips (although I love those too).

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          Those type of crackers are usually available in packages at the Asian markets. They are not as good as fresh, but are a reasonable substitute. I'll see if anyone more familiar with the area can identify a restaurant that serves shrimp chips. I rarely see them at Chinese restaurants, but they are common at Indonesian places.

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            Sometimes they're served with Peking Duck.
            No rocket science to making them at home. Oil is hot enough and as soon as they puff up take them out and drain on a paper towel. Only make a few at a time so the oil stays hot and they don't sit in the oil. Have to eat them fresh and hot. They get hard and lose their crunch quick. I'm thinking maybe they "taste" better at the Chinese restaurant because they use oil that something else has been fried in like seafood or something. You know they're fresh when they stick to your tongue.

          2. Shrimp chips aren't made from scratch. It's usually the same thing that you get at the grocery store. I suggest you try buying a bunch of different brands. Maybe play around with the types of oil you are deep frying in.