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Jun 9, 2008 08:11 AM

Valley Inn-Brooklandville

The Valley Inn on Falls Road in Brooklandville is a place I find to be perplexing. "Why" you may ask? I ued to live in the area and there were never more then a few cars on the parking lot at any given time. I even dined there with my parents. The place was dingy and smelled musty. I am wondering how and/or why the place continues to remain in business. The restaurant has a fantastic location; there are hardly any other dining establishments in the area, so not much competition. So, perhaps they can continue being in business for those reasons. But, I'd love to see a truly exceptional restaurant to open in that location. Or, it would be acceptable if the Valley Inn revamped itself--cleaned up its act and revised the menu. FoiGras

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  1. Their competition is Poulet, Stone Mill, and Tark's. Perhaps the chinese place, which is also at Greenspring Station.

    I too, find the Valley Inn very perplexing. It is, however, in an historic building.

    1. I had lunch there last summer - it's a restaurant time warp! People of "a certain age" are comfortable there.

      1. My husband took me there a couple of years ago for the best mint juleps I've ever had. And I totally agree with you- I have no idea how they stay in business!

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          wasn't the Inn in Barry Levinson's movie, Liberty heights? Certainly right area and right feel. I ate there once 10 yrs ago, and I won't go back. When I was young, in the 70s, it was a place for the local gentry--maybe it still is.

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            They filmed in the then-recently-closed Greenspring Inn which is now split into Joey Chiu's, the bank and the furbearer. But some of the ideas Levinson had about some parts of Baltimore feeling privileged live on at the Valley Inn.

        2. Until the Jones Falls Expressway was built (about 1970) the Valley Inn was located on the main thoroughfare from Baltimore to the Greenspring and Worthington Valleys, and was a convenient dining spot for Valley families. The sparsely filled parking area is a warning to all but the cognoscenti. If you are not among them, or do not wish to get to know them, the Inn may not be your "cup of tea." A pending change in ownership may change all that. One fears that a quiet spot to dine, inevitably to meet good friends (in some cases three or four generations among them), may be overrun at last by "progress."

          Valley Inn
          10501 Falls Rd, Lutherville Timonium, MD 21093

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            Last I heard or read, it is being renovated, gutted, whatever wordage you prefer, and is now in the hands of the person who owns "The Oregon Grille". I am sure most of us here know about the reputation of the "The Oregon Grille". So whenever whatever happens, I am sure it will be very interesting and worthwhile.

            1. re: JamesPapa

              Indeed we all know his reputation......Valley Inn will become clubby, pretentious, crowded, way overpriced, and geared towards his perceived "inner circle of friends". He is smart enough to hire an experienced chef and the food will most likely be good....but not great. While I was not a big fan of the old Valley Inn and it was pretty much a foodie wasteland, my guess is my money will be best spent elsewhere. With as much as he had to pay for the property and the cost of the major renovations....I am expecting a an expensive menu, to say the least. The bar will become immediately packed on a nightly basis ........the 40-60 + singles scene...yikes!

              Valley Inn
              10501 Falls Rd, Lutherville Timonium, MD 21093

          2. Somewhat anticipated visit here today for a dinner after reading about this place here and on news, but yet again I am out of luck in finding a single exciting newly opened place in Baltimore this year (see my recent report on French Kitchen).

            We had few basic things; raw oysters, a salad, and a burger as well as a dessert and a few drinks, and perhaps our choices weren't exciting, most of their menu didn't read delicious to me. Nothing we had was terrible, but what we had was mediocre at best.

            I think jck's 2011 prediction of this place is becoming true in many ways.