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Chipwiches in Toronto?

Every since I was a kid, I loved riding my bike down to the corner store and buy a chipwich ice cream sandwich. The original had 2 soft chocolate chip cookies filled with vanilla ice cream which was coated with milk chocolate chips. They used to be able to buy them at Exihibation Stadium during Jays game.

I know they are not extinct as I have been able to find them at small number of variety stores, however lately i have been unable to track this delicious summer snack down. If you know where I can buy them please let me know.

I have tried the substitutes including the Nestle Brand and Chips Ohey but they dont compare to a Chipwich.

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  1. Wow - you just woke a up a dormant craving.

    1. I really loved those chipwiches that had chocolate ice cream in them. Some convienience stores carry them still but none with the chocolate ice cream in it. I could go for one right this minute!!!!

      1. I saw one lonely little Chipwich yesterday at the variety store on the north-west corner of Queen W & John. There was an ice cream freezer right near the main cash.

        Funny... it didn't look as good as I remember from my youth.

        But maybe this store keeps them regularly in stock.

        1. Check out their website at www.chipwich.com. Maybe you can ask Mr. Chipwich himself! According to their site they had plans to expand their line of products in the US at least. Perhaps they can let you know of a Toronto retailer who carries them.

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            I used to love the Chipwich sandwiches that they made at Canada's Wonderland...two big chocolate chip cookes (apparently baked there) and they would use that twirly ice cream from the machine and put the sandwich together in front of you. I don't think that kiosk exists anymore...but damn that was good.
            Just a thought, what if you bought Pillsbury choco chip cookie dough, baked largish cookies and put fresh vanilla ice cream in them...mmm..that would be good...I have just talked myself into making something...mmm

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              Sandybandy-you are incorrect. There is still one location at Wonderland that sells it's own version of homeade chipwiches. The kids and i share one every visit. Located close to where the Vortex soars overhead.

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                speaking of Wonderland, do they still sell Smurf ice cream?

          2. I'm hunting for the same thing! The last place I found in Toronto was at the convenience store on the south east side of Harbord and Bathurst.

            I've contacted both Dreyer's (USA) and Nestle in Canada with no luck. Funny that the reps taking the calls recall the brand from their memory, but can't find it in their systems.

            I'm surprised that Dreyer's/Nestle would have killed the brand since everyone is so familiar with it. I suspect that the chipwich.com site has been 'abandoned' and no one is getting email sent to it.

            Short of going back to that convenience store and asking who their distributor is, I'm out of ideas.

            EDIT: Called a bunch of numbers given to me via Nestle USA - spoke to someone at 8775376936 and was told it was 'discontinued a while ago'.

            1. Why did I read this post? :( Now I too have a craving!

              1. One of the secretaries at my school runs a fundraiser for the prom in which she buys chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwiches from McMillan's Orchard and sells them. MMMMM! I know they have a retail store in Ajax, on the 1st major street north of the 401, just before Lakeridge rd.

                I always get one of the huge ones at canada's wonderland, but prefer McMillan's.

                1. After reading this post yesterday morning, and having Chipwiches on the brain ALL day, I couldn't resist checking out the ice cream case at the Esso when I stopped for gas. Tried a Klondike sandwich, and it was soooo good, even tasting like freezer as I'm sure it's been in there since summer! Nice soft choc chip cookies, and the ice cream was lovely. Totally worth it...I'll make up for it later.

                  This also got me thinking about an ice cream treat I used to love, but haven't seen in ages: the Great Canadian Mint bar! Have these been discontinued too? Off to do a little searching...

                  1. Anyone seen any chipwiches this summer?

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                        I dreamt of Chipwiches last night. I wish I was kidding.


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                          They sell Chipwiches at the Blue Banana in Kensington Market (250 Augusta Ave.) I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me when I spotted them the first time! Bought two. Mmmmm!

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                            Wow! I can foresee a trip to Kensington Market soon! Thanks!

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                          Cream the Urban Dairy on Queen East in Leslieville...makes the ice cream AND the cookies...three or four flavours...Marimba!

                        3. Has anyone seen Chipwich's in the downtown core or Mississauga this summer?