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Jun 9, 2008 08:10 AM

Myrtle Beach Market Common

I just wanted to post a short review of a few of the restaurants at Market Common.

The first one I've tried is Gordon Biersch. Nice brewpub with excellent sandwiches and salads but a little heavy on the garlic on the fries. They also have some nice looking entrees but I have not tried any because we always go there for drinks and apps. Recommend this restaurant especially for outdoor dining.

Travinia Italian Kitchen is a local Italian chain (four restaurants) out of Greenville, South Carolina and I must say it is excellent. Ate there last night for dinner and had my leftovers for breakfast.

PF Changs is just like PF Changs anywhere. Personally I do like this restaurant a lot.

Ultimate California Pizza. The best pizza in town but it isn't traditional. My favorite is terryaki chicken, pineapple, and cheddar cheese on whole wheat crust.

Tommy Bahamas. Good but expensive for this area.

One the whole, pretty much everything there is good and I recommend the dining at Market Common.

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  1. Wife and I ate at GB two weekends ago. Actually went twice but one time was just to drink. Good but not great beer. Had a burger that I quite liked and wife had garlic/chicken pizza. There were probably 8-10 garlic cloves on the pizza so a little much there but once they were scraped off it was a good pizza with really good crust. I could have eaten the crust by itself. Service was good at the bar but great in the dining room.

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      1. Coming down in a few weeks. Staying in NMB, near the Galleria. Is this the place that was just built in the last year? I forget what land it is on, but ia it near where I'll be stayin by chance?

        Would like to try some new places this time.

        1. re: hummingbird

          Actually, The Galleria is Myrtle Beach and not North Myrtle Beach.

          Yes, it is the place they were finishing last year. Old Myrtle Beach Air Force Base. They've done an outstanding job.

          1. re: BlueHerons

            Indeed, they have done an outstanding job.

            1. re: Cpt. Wafer

              I've bookmark them and I'm sure we'll be taking a ride over.

      2. We ate recently at Roy & Sid's in Market Commons. It is owned by the Divine Dining Group. The shrimp and grits were some of the best we've had. Also great sides -- one in our group got the vegetable plate with fabulous greens and mac n cheese. The club sandwich is also good. The food was so good we came back for lunch 2 days later. Prices are moderate as well. Highly, highly recommend.

        1. We made it there yesterday. What a nice area it has been turned into. i felt like we were somewhere else, the whole site has its own vibe so to speak.

          It was mid afternoon, and Travinia wasn't open. we ended up at PF Changs and had a fantastic meal with a great server too. We have only eaten at a PF once, about 7 yeas ago in Scottsdale AZ.

          Tonight on our servers recommendation we ate at Joe's Bar and Grill in NMB, and had a very good dinner.

          Wanted to go to Villa Tuscanna, but I think something is going on there. NO more website, and when I tried to call today to see if they were open , no answer at all.

          Since we were here a yr ago a few places have closed that somewhat surprised us over at Barefoot.

          Really impressed with the wole Market Commons, hope they do well, but right now everyone is feeling the pinch of the economic mess we're in.