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Jun 9, 2008 08:00 AM

New dim sum/seafood places in Bay Ridge/Sunset Park -- anyone been?

Recently drove by what appears to be a brand new, enormous dim sum or chinese seafood place on 65th street between 8th and 9th ave (down the block from Three Guys) called East Harbor, I believe. Also saw another relatively new looking place on 8th, just north of 65th Street, as well as another on 8th and probalby around 68th street. Interesting that the Chinese restaurants seem to be creeping southward. Anyone been to any of these places? The one on 65th in particular looked intriguing.

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  1. I love Pacificana in Sunset Park!
    Very nice place, refreshing after the din of some Manhattan chinatown dim-sum-eries with fading facelifts (Jing Fong).
    Food is great - dishes I haven't seen much. hot peppers stuffed with shrimp paste! But be warned, when it slows down, it slows down. A thin crowd means you won't get a lot of variety. So be sure to go when the dining room is packed.
    Another bonus - discounted parking in a lot on the side street!

    1. ropa
      I think one of the places you mentioned is on the site of the old night club that was made somewhat famous by "Saturday Night Fever" The name escapes me. Something like Golden Bay ?. I had lunch there. The seafood noodle soup was great and the duck was delicious.