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Jun 9, 2008 08:00 AM

Soul grub by St. Louis Int'l Airport

Just got back from a 4 day trip to Missouri. When i landed on June 5th, I picked up my car and drove around the airport area looking for some place to eat. I went down to Exit 241B (going East on 70 to St. Louis) and made a Left off the exit...then went to Florrissant (sp?) and made a left...and then kept going aimlessly. Out of the corner of my eye... I saw a line that was forming outside of this small restaurant in a strip mall with a big Papa John's sign in the front. I turned the car around and got a closer look. The restaurant was called "Sweetie Pie's" and it was a soul food spot! My husband and I got out of the car and joined the locals in the queue. Everyone was so nice, making recommendations on what to get. Once we made it inside the restaurant, I noticed by the pics on the wall that the owner used to sing with Ike and Tina! We ordered our food- fried chicken, macaroni and cheese, green beans, cornbreat and a diet coke. The food was SO good! The women who worked as a cashier was the owner's sister. She was so nice...even blew us a kiss when we left. She let us try the Oxtails as well- oh my, that was awesome!

So, if anyone is driving through St. Louis or is close to the airport on their way in or out of St. Louis, I highly recommend Sweety Pie's restaurant! Now, please be advised that the location is a little dive, with lots of locals eating the good grub. You don't have to worry about not fitting in... everyone is welcome! Oh, other news... when i did some research on Sweety Pie's when i got home... i found out that they also have a South Side location and it was on the Food Network's Diner's Driven in and Dives show!!!

Info: The airport location is closed on Monday's. I think they said they would be closed all of July, but their South Side location is open. The airport location's address is 9841 W. Florissant, telephone 314-521-9915

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  1. I have been to Sweetie Pies on a number of occasions as the Florissant location is adjacent to my office. The food is excellent and the service is very friendly. It is a cash only operation. The Manchester location in the south city has a lot more ambiance.

    Sweetie Pies in Florissant is about EIGHT miles from the airport. You have to be pretty lucky to find it as it sits back in a non-descript strip center. Even with the address, it took me at least three drive pasts to find it

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      8 miles? Didnt seem that far. I must have been too busy chatting to notice. Nevertheless, worth the drive. We were also looking for a Starbucks so we ended up getting off on that 241B exit. We totally lucked out. And you are right, this location isn't about the ambiance- it's about the great food, nice folks, and endless reruns of Sandford and Sons playing from the big TV. :)

    2. FYI for any out-of-towners, Florissant Road has many meanings, and you'd be hard pressed to find soul food in the suburb of the same name.

      V70: if London and Son's is still around or Q-King check those out (down KingsHwy near MLK)

      1. How far is Sweetie Pie restaurant to the airport?

        1. I am guessing you have not seen the TV show Sweetie Pies?