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Jun 9, 2008 07:26 AM

Table 31

Has anyone been yet? Raves or rants?

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  1. Actually twice - both on business events. The atmosphere is great, and the layout really fun. The main entrance takes you to the bar area and first floor dining room, and the second floor has a funky loung area and more dining seating. There is also a private dining room that looks like it would seat 10-12 people with a nice window. The service was friendly and helpful, although a bit slow when it's busy. That's not unusual for a new place where the staff is working out the kinks. The oyster/clams/seafood app was wonderful to share on a hot day, and the branzino was excellent. My companion raved about the steak. On my next visit, I had the softshells, which were a good flavor, but the shells a little hard, a miss I would not have expected from this kitchen. Dinner will definitely set you back, but I can easily see this becoming a popular drinks spot and they are supposed to be serving lunches soon which will be a little easier on the wallet. Overall, I think this one is a "go".

    1. Thanks so much! I'm taking my husband there next weekend - he wants to check it out for on his birthday night. I was wondering what to expect so this helped.

      1. Dinner was good but unimpressive and definitely overpriced...even though I wasn't paying I felt like it was ridiculous. 5 of us had 3 trays of oysters, 5 orders of the fetticine with snow crab claws, and 5 orders of sliders to start off. They were all good but nothing I would tell somebody they have to go try. We all had various steaks and sides for dinner and again they were good but nothing to write home about.

        1. This was a tremendous disappointment. From start to finish, nothing about this meal was even slightly noteworthy. Table 31 couldn’t get things right even before we stepped foot in the restaurant. I made a reservation over a month ahead ago to make sure that we could get a table for 6. Fortunately, I called two nights before the reservation date because they had no record of the reservation.

          From the moment we sat down, the waiter was extremely unpleasant and made us feel all feel very rushed (even though we were the last seating of the evening). All three courses came back-to-back without any time between courses. The first course came immediately after it was ordered (meaning the food was not made to order). The food even came before we had a chance to order our wine, so we actually had to cancel our wine order because the food came out so quickly.

          The food was below average. The lamb that came with the pasta appetizer lacked any type of flavor. The pasta carried so much water that the mushroom sauce was watery. The sirloin steak that was ordered medium rare, came out medium was of the tougher non-juicy variety.

          While it was restaurant week, we still expected some semblance of quality that would make us want to return for another non-restaurant week visit. Not the case. Our waiter informed us that we couldn’t order any sides or anything off of the restaurant week. We were told that only “investors” were allowed to order off the non-restaurant week menu. The next time I want a steakhouse meal, I’ll be investing my money in a steakhouse that does it right like Capital Grille or Barclay Prime which both blow Table 31 out of the water.

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            My wife and I had a similarly horrific experience this past Tuesday - the food was passable, but the service was all-around abysmal.

            It all started when we walked in and they didn't have a table ready for our 7:30 reservation. The host suggested we grab a drink at the bar and they would find us when a table was ready. Are you kidding? Have you seen the bar? It looks like a frat party in there. Not feeling up to fighting our way in for a drink we chose to wait out the 20+ minutes by the door. When the hostess approached us and said that our table was ready, she seemed annoyed that we didn't RUN after her up the stairs, taking them two or three at a time as she had. When we finally did catch up, there was somebody already sitting at the table she was going to seat us at. After running back downstairs and waiting another 10 minutes or so we were seated along the wall downstairs. Am I the only person who thinks that it's ridiculous that in a newly constructed restaurant in one of the largest buildings in the city that the tables are still inches from each other? I mean, the people at the tables next to us were friendly enough, but I really don't want to be so close that I'm forced into conversation with them.

            So then our waitress finally came around and our experience was similar to daglaze's. After not getting water for quite awhile we felt slightly victorious when we were able to sneak in an order for a wine flight. Minutes later we ordered our meal and shortly thereafter our appetizers were wine yet. After searching for somebody to grab our wine for almost 10 minutes our waitress showed up with our wine it's entirety. So now we have a table full of wine, eat the last few bites of our appetizers and suddenly our steaks descend on the table. They gave us at least two minutes between finishing our entrees and bringing the desserts....

            All that said, the food was ok. Our steaks were both slightly overcooked and everything else was good enough but didn't impress us enough that we felt they deserved a second chance. I'm sure Table 31 will do well with traffic from the Comcast Center and City Hall (Nutter was at the table behind us), but I wouldn't recommend anybody not on an expense account seek it out....

            1. re: dalig

              Gotta agree with dagalze & dalig...we were very disappointed. Our service was reasonable for it being RW, although there was chaos around us...several waiters were shouting instructions...pretty tacky for a Pierre establishment. The entrees were good, but not outstanding...(flat iron steak and salmon). The appetizers( lamb/pasta & the scallops) and desserts (chocolate cake&creme brulee) were the big disappointments. I did not even finish the creme brulee.. it tasted like it was from Trader Joe's!
              I'm not a big RW fan..we haven't gone in several years, but I thought this would have been a great place to try and perhaps bring /recommend to business associates and friends. It's very clear that this establishment was trying to cash in during RW and treated it like a assembly line. Unfortunately many of the demographic that they want to attract will not return after their RW experience.

              1. re: dalig

                "What's not to love here? We went to Capital Grill & they had over an hour wait! WT@! We called the maitre d', it was 7:30 - fingers crossed - & he said come on over. We're glad we did, THIS is our new steak place. They were almost full, in fact we got the last empty table on the first floor. We waited all of 5 minutes after we arrived & we're greeted by 3 friendly faces (2 pretty ladies & the maitre d'. The drinks were very cool, the beers (awesome selection). Our waitress was cute, friendly, & smart. Oysters were cold & fresh, wagyu sliders were juicy & tasty, & the crab-fettucine was perfect. The porterhouse, delmonico, & tomahawk steaks were nicely seasoned & cooked perfectly. The broccoli rabe was fine (it is what it is) & the caramelized onion side was also, just what it says - not worth $8 for just onions. Couldn't eat dessert - too full, but we will next time. It was really great. It was really nice too that they made a point to say good bye, get our names & invite us back. We promised them this was our new hangout. Really great."

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