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Jan 7, 2003 04:50 PM

In search of decent place to watch Raider game Sunday

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Any recommendations of a good, not so dark and dingy bar or restaurant (Mexican, Thai, any really) that will have the playoff game on a TV or several TVs on Sunday? I like the vibe at the Taix bar in Echo Park but they never turn the volume up loud enough. Prefer something in the Pasadena/South Pas/Highland Park/Eagle Rock area. Food not as important as good viewing of game but always an added plus if it is edible. Thanks.

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  1. c
    Chad Pennington

    Don't worry about the'll lose your appetite! JETS 27 Raiders 17

    1. charlie's trio on the la/south pas border? huntington and alhambra road.

      i like hooter's on colorado for the view. and they have pretty good hot wings.

      1. k
        Key Lime Guy

        There is a *serious* dearth of this kind of place in the area.

        Knowing your sensibilities, I won't recommend Hooter's (but it's a better atmosphere than you might think).

        Perhaps the Red Lion in Silverlake?

        Also consider Crabby Bob's in Burbank.

        Have fun and let us know...

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        1. re: Key Lime Guy

          Maybe Dalt's in Burbank.

        2. To get the full effect go to Champs in Burbank on Burbank and Pass. Many, many TV's and the usual sports bar foodies.