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Jun 9, 2008 06:52 AM

Fathers Day Brunch/Clearwater Beach area

I am looking for a great place that serves brunch or really good breakfast for this weekend. We live out by Clearwater Beach and am willing to drive even towards St.Pete Beach. Thanks!

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  1. The most popular, or at least most notable, brunch spot on Clearwater Beach is at Island Way Grill which is on Island Estates. I believe it's $22 for a pretty good selection of items. Here's a link that has their brunch menu:

    If you're willing to drive to St. Pete Beach, you can be in downtown just as fast. There's a great Saturday brunch there as well...with a special Bloody Mary Bar. Be warned, you'll leave a bit tipsy if Bloody Marys are your thing.

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      Matt, Thank you so much! I had no clue Islandway Grill had brunch, I've always wanted to go there too. I think I will make reservations for this place, its close to home too. Thanks again!

    2. I have heard Island Way is great but don't forget Oystercatchers in Clearwater is famous for their brunches. In case IW is booked.

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        Oystercatchers is in Tampa at the end of the Courtney Cambell Causeway.

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          Oystercatchers has recently reopened after a total remodel. Their menu has changed as have their prices (over $50 pp now.) Check it carefully before you go. Great view of the Bay though!

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            I think it's 45 and includes Bloody Marys and Mimosas. I was there in March after they reopened and it was wonderful.

        2. Rusty's in the Sheraton Sand Key, just south of Clearwater Beach puts on a nice, reasonably priced brunch on special occasions. We were there on Mother's Day and brunch was $19.99 per person. It was a buffet with an omelet station and had lots of nice little touches. There was a salmon dish that wasn't overcooked. There was peel and eat shrimp. They had blintzes. They had a carving station with roast beef and a stuffed chicken breast. There were a couple of breakfast pasta dishes. They had dessert shooters in a few flavors, cholocate, creme caramel and strawberry. They don't have this extended buffet for every occasion, so you would wan't to call first. I think the regular weekend buffet is $14.99.

          1. For really good breakfast I would drive to Gulfport, The Waterwitch, nice location with waterview, traditional, international and 100% organic.