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Jun 9, 2008 06:42 AM

San Antonio Report

I was in SA for five days for work, staying at La Mansion on the Riverwalk, although I didn't eat much on the Riverwalk itself. What many folks evidently don't realize is that if one goes out through the street level of one's hotel, there are many decent options within walking distance.

Monday evening, tired from an early flight and a late afternoon meeting, I ate at the hotel restaurant. La Canarais (sp?). I had the grilled quail appetizer, a spinach salad, and a glass of sparkling NV CA wine (Roderer). It was all good, but I was still a bit hungry, so I had the bittersweet chocolate cake with banana icecream, and a small glass of Port. OMG! Fabulous! This was an expensive meal, considering I didn't have an entree, at $60 with tax and tip.

Tuesday I had lunch at Acenar. A friend and I shared two lunch entrees, the chicken fried oyster tacos and the chicken empanadas with fried shoestring sweet potatoes. Both good!
We had an icebreaker thing on Tuesday evening, so the nibbles served there (nachos, jalapeno poppers, meatballs, etc.) were dinner that night.

Weds we went to Blanco Cafe on St Mary's for lunch. Chicken enchiladas verde were very good as were the rice and beans. Cheap, too! Weds night we drove up to 281 and Bitters Rd and dined at Bin 555. That was a really good meal. Four of us shared 8 small plates and 2 bottles of wine, and it was $45 each without the tip. The mini-paella and the white pizza were two of the best tapas, and there were several yummy cheese courses as well. The frites were also good, very thin cut and crispy and served properly with garlic aioli.

Thursday I had a working lunch at the Iron Cactus on the Riverwalk and the veggie wrap and jicama slaw were pretty tasty. Dinner that night was at a Latin Japanese fusion place on Houston, Yokoyuno? I know I don't have the name right, but the fusion rolls were very good, although it seemed that chipotle mayo and/or avocado were in them all. The tempura fried veggies were good, and they have a huge tequila selection. They're fairly pricey as well.

Friday breakfast was at Blanco Cafe again. I really liked the migas. Friday afternoon we walked over to El Mercado and I had fish tacos in one of the restuarants, but they weren't memorable, nor was the place. Friday night we ate at La Frite, on our way to the Art Hop in the King William Historic District. Friends recommended the fries and the mussels at La Frite, and they were both yummy, plus the wine list was very reasonable (a good Muscadet for $28). I haven't seen anything on this board about this place, but I really liked it!

We left San Antonio for the weekend, and returned Sunday night to stay near the hotel prior to flying home. We happened by Sawsedee Thai on Blanco Rd while looking for a gas station, and really liked their food. The fresh summer rolls with spicy peanut sauce, and the Weeping Tiger Thai beef salad made for a perfect ending to our trip.

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  1. Thanks for the trip report, Niki. We are going to San Antonio at the end of June and this information will be helpful.

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      You're welcome. I can no longer edit this report, but the Latin fusion place (on Houston, near Broadway) is Yokonyu, and the Thai place is Sawasdee Thai. Sorry about the misspellings! Have fun in SA; it's really a great town.

      1. re: Niki in Dayton

        Great report! Thanks! I have been wanting to try Acenar. When I worked downtown adn La Frite opened, we had luch there a couple times. I loved the mussels and frites with the sauce. Yummy. And since my big 5-0 birthday is coming up, Bin 555 sounds perfect-thanks for the ideas. I have tried the thai place once for food to go but will try it again. Oh, and next time, dont forget one of my favs- Chris Madrids burgers on Blanco near where the original Blanco cafe is.

        1. re: SAnativegirl

          Actually, Chris Madrid's is on my short list to try, but the day before we did the BBQ trail (Luling and Lockhart) and then had burgers in Austin on Saturday night (Casino El Camino), so we were looking for something not meat-centric! Enjoy Bin555; it was really good!

    2. Just wanted to add to the great places to eat in SA since I'm a native. Silo's on 1064 has a wonderful and eclectic menu. Newest addition to the scene is Wildfish, and upscale seafood place with a fantastic happy hour. It is a little bit like a meat market on Thursday nights! For a good old fashion greasy hamburger try The Longhorn Cafe. They have 2 locations, Blanco and I-10.

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      1. re: SFO

        The Longhorn Cafe also has one on Pat Booker road in Universal City, in the old Hungry Farmer Steakhouse location.

        1. re: SFO

          The Longhorn is great, but if you are a mustard guy be sure and let them know to skip the mayonaise. They love the mayo there.

          1. re: jkr_lpco

            I also like Dough's Pizzeria. This place is fairly new to SA and individually owned. They serve wonderful rustic style pizza and have great Italian wines. The link to the website is :

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              Just a follow up to the above post. Dined at Dough's this evening with a party of seven. Everything was wonderful as usual. Food and service is on point. It is nice to see that the quality of food has remained the same and not suffered after a couple of months of opening. Only recommendation is to arrive early on the weekends. The do not accept reservations.