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Jun 9, 2008 06:28 AM

TNFNS - "Train" [Wreck] Challenge - spoiler

what a disaster.

they should have booted nipa on principle alone. did we learn nothing from last season's waffler? anyone think the judges just handed her a chance to pull an amy finley & win this thing? i get that they want to keep her around to potentially add some ethnic diversity to the network, but come on. the self-proclaimed "spice girl" hasn't a clue how to control her spices. last week there was no spice. this week it needed salt...and even bobby flay thought it was too spicy. um, hello red flag! i wonder how many more times she'll debate going home or question whether she really wants to be there.

i can't believe the dallas diva was in the top two, and apparently she's finally getting the hint that no one understood her bizarre initial culinary point of view. "beautiful basics" is much better, i wonder if she'll stick with it. she even got a thumbs up from bobby flay. i'm still waiting for the episode where she takes a dive in her stilettos.

and what's with jennifer? glazed baby carrots last week, and now bland french toast that even her 7-year-old daughter can make? [she said it, not me.] yawn. she's just so boring.

i'm also having a hard time watching kelsey. she's still got that possessed cheerleader thing going on, and her duck salad sounded too sweet. plus the judges said it was overcooked and overdressed. and she somehow made it into the top three with that!

the chefs all have a lot to learn about plating. most of it looked like slop. even aaron's winning dish, which potentially sounded good, looked really unappealing with that orange goo covering the steak. all i could see was chunks of orange zest. but was glad to see him come out of his shell and actually cook food that tasted good. and he definitely had the best line of the night:

"i'm black, i'm from way i'm playing a bank robber!"

or something to that effect.

i was sorry to see kevin go. i liked his personality, and with a little coaching from the judges he could have modified his point of view. adam should have gone home for the raw eggs.

as for getting a new "star" out of this crop...i think the food network is screwed.

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  1. I liked the way that they seemed to keep Robert Irvine's comments to a minimum.

    It is a disaster that's why I like this show so much.

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    1. re: Withnail42

      I found it amazing that this was taped after Robert Irvine's lie came out and that he won't be hosting next season. I think that Suzie chick said that they still liked him and that this episode had nothing to do with integrity/lying.

      This show is like a train wreck. You can't help not to watch -- kind of like Hell's Kitchen. Nipa got on my nerves so much. She probably was an overachiever growing up. So it's unfathomable that anybody should criticize her. She thinks very highly of herself. I would love to see an Indian cooking show, but not if she's the host.

      As much as I want to hose her, Lisa did well this week. If she polishes up her culinary point of view, she may be in the running. And Kelsey needs to tone it down a bit. She makes Rachel Ray seem lethargic.

      1. re: Miss Needle

        agree on lisa. i was not kind to her last week but she was much better this week. her point made sense, she was less annoying, her food was apparently good...

    2. I thought that Lisa did a good job this week. She really seemed to listen last week and take the criticism that was given to her. It seemed to work as she was much more articulate and together. She worked well with her group.

      I really think Mipa should have gone home - she doesn't take criticism well and just seemed to be upset that she wasn't the "spice queen," whatever that means. I agree with the previous post that it remined me of Amy, although Amy at least was torn between being there and being at home with her family. Mipa just seemed to be upset with the comments.

      As far as the challenges, there really hasn't been anything that could really showcase the contestants' talents. I understand that the job is one that has a lot of pressure; however, I think the challenges should reflect what they are actually going to be doing for FN.

      The show is most certainly a disaster - the only good host to come out of it is Guy. He is personable, funny, and a hoot to watch. He also seems to know his food.

      1. Lisa, Vulcan or Romulan? you decide....
        I do like Aaron. He definitely made his opinion known with his teammates.

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        1. re: bookwormchef

          Lol! Good call about Lisa... I couldn't place the look.

          Vulcans are logical and in control of their emotions.
          My vote is Romulan.

          1. re: dave_c

            Whereas to me she looked like the Thermian alien in "Galaxy Quest" who fell in love with the "Crewman Number Six", Guy Fleegman. ;-) You decide:

            Laliari -

            Lisa -

            1. re: LindaWhit

              lol! Another good eye for the sci-fi.

              Laliari was a good natured alien. I think Monk would agree with me that the Dallas Diva, Lisa, may not be as good natured and still have a sneaking suspicion she's more akin to a Romulan. :-) lol

              1. re: dave_c

                True - from a good nature/bad nature standpoint, Romulan definitely is the choice.

                But from a visual only - she's got the Laliari thing going on big time.

                1. re: LindaWhit

                  :-) Yes, she can readily answer that casting call for Galaxy Quest 2. She may not be TNFNS, but she sure has a future with sci-fi.

          2. re: bookwormchef

            I said the same thing! However, the more I watched I thought she looked like Ro Laren from Star Trek: TNG. Either way - a bit alien like.

            However, I was glad to see her get beyond the "Three C's" - Beautiful Basics seems to be a more workable POV. She didn't get on my nerves quite as much she did the first episode.

            1. re: Mushroom

              i'm completely clueless when it comes to sci-fi...but every time i see her i think 2 things:
              1) whomever is responsible for shaping her eyebrows clearly can't be trusted with a pair of tweezers
              2) i don't know if her golden glow is from a bottle or a tanning bed, but either way, she's gotta do something about those reverse-raccoon eyes.

              the combination of those two issues leaves her with a bizarre expression that's somewhere between quizzical & deranged...and i certainly couldn't look at that for an entire show, no matter how good her cooking might turn out to be.

          3. The food -- all of it -- looked disgusting.

            The contestants -- well, I don't think the term "star" applies to any of them. Where do they find these people? What criteria do you suppose they're casting for?

            It's going to be hard for the judges to stick with it, but even harder, I think, for the viewers (they don't even get paid).

            1. I don't know why ...

              They allowed Nipa to stay. They should have thrown her ass off of there.

              They kept Adam. The runny egg idea was insane. Even his teammate told him that. He should have gone second if not Nipa.

              They got rid of Kevin. As said, a bit of coaching and changing his POV is all that was needed. No way was he the worse.

              Stupid judging. I think Nipa is there for the same reason JAG lasted so long (until he won last year, sorta), the Food Network is so desperate to fill cuisine and etnic niches they'll kiss ass. If that's not the reason for keeping Nipe then I want a full explanation. (Hmm, wonder what the judges blog says about this one.)

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              1. re: HarryK

                The judges logs suggest that Nipa was a totally different person before the first two episodes, confident, engaging, yadda yadda. They also say she has a strong sense of who she was and how that was her cooking where Kevin was wishy-washy.

                Aside from the "they saw someone different" part, the rest still suggests that they didn't want to give Kevin a chance and only phrases it differently how much they want an Indian cusine cook. And so, as said, gave Nipa carte blanche so far to be a hissy fit diva unprofessional brat.

                1. re: HarryK

                  This is one of the reasons I love this show the judges say something about a contestant and eliminate them for that reason. Then they say the same thing about another contestant the following week and use it as the reason to keep them, even after they have thrown a hissy fit and stormed off.

                2. re: HarryK

                  Jag at least had charisma and cooking chops. I definitely feel they could have built a show around him.

                  1. re: HarryK

                    I would suggest a second reason to keep Nipa -- when there are volatile people on one of these reality elimination shows, it keeps viewers coming back. It certainly keeps the buzz going in places like this.

                    Most reality shows cast to be sure they have some unstable people in the mix because without them the show would be booooring.