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Jun 9, 2008 06:16 AM

Haven Bakery and Cafe, Lenox, MA

Anybody know when it's scheduled to open? It's in the old Carol's space.

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  1. Surprised to see no one has replied to this. Haven Bakery is now open. We checked it out at about noon today & they were only serving breakfast. Nice menu but my husband wanted something more lunch-ish. So we ate at Baroods & had crepes. They seem to be trying to be very French. The crepes were fine, but my side salad was served without dressing. Is that authentically a la Francaise?

    1. As mentioned, it's open. It's a lovely addition to Lenox - the people seem very nice, helpful, genuine. The baked goods are very good, the coffee as well. Stopped last Saturday, and, like others, was looking for "lunch" but they only serve breakfast on weekends or salads from the case. Not sure why and it seems a shame.

      I'll no doubt stop this week for lunch at some point, but until then, it'll be lattes and croissants.

      1. I stopped fo check it out a few weeks ago and was unimpressed enough by the looks of their pastries, and put off by their food prices, that I didn't try anything. Just read in today's Eagle that they get their croissants from a Montreal bakery, so they're "authentic." Huh? A croissant shouldn't be sold more than 12 hours after baking, and I rather doubt that they get them in daily within that time period. Somehow, both Mrs. London's in Saratoga and Euphoria, outside of Northampton (Hadleyville) manage to bake world class croissants, right here near the Berkshires.
        Also, the article makes a point that they get their baguettes from a bakery in Tribeca in NYC. Wonder if she's aware of Berkshire Mountain Bakery, right down the road? Again, a baked good wherein freshness sure does count.
        Was also told, by my hairdresser who works down the block, that they tack on a $3 "to go" charge. Not good.
        I suppose I should give them a try at some time, but as a bakery hound, the first impressions have been really poor.

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        1. re: mjoyous

          Just a correction because I couldn't find the place you were talking about.
          Bread Euphoria, is in Haydenville, MA

          1. re: beartunes

            Of course, you're right. My bad. Try their breakfast pastries if you can.

        2. Haven is great! I just moved to Lenox and it is by far my favorite (and the most addictive) place to eat. Their croissants and baguettes <i>are</i> sourced outside the bakery, but the quality is fantastic. All of their other pastries are made in house and I've tried probably 8 or 9 different pastries/desserts and have yet to be disappointed. Their sandwiches are great too. The way I describe Haven to guests at my Inn is "They do simple, clean food REALLY well." And I find that to be very accurate. The Croque Monsieur (my favorite sandwich) is bread, dijon, ham, sliced pear, and gruyere. Simple, yes, but done very, very well. I've probably had that sandwich 6 times in the last month.

          I have to say though, I think it's a little elitist to completely swear off a restaurant just because they outsource one of the most difficult and time consuming pastries in common cuisine. But whatev, more croissants for me. :-)

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          1. re: brande.mae

            Why bother making a croque monsieur without bechamel =/

          2. I'm a long time Lenox resident....... I checked it out.. definitely not geared to the locals... too pricey for what you get. fancy names for ham sandwiches etc...

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            1. re: Lenox637

              Thanks L637! After my initial rejection of the place, a friend suggested we eat there, and I've been pretty resistant. I seem to agree with most of your assessments, so am glad to see I'm not the only one turned off by Haven.

              1. re: Lenox637

                Wow... I'm seriously amazed at this response. I just moved here from upstate NY and the strongest impression i get from this whole area is that the food is flat out ridiculously priced. Seriously, where I'm from $16 per plate is pretty much 5-star gourmet pricing. I've seen spaghetti out here for that much. Not even fancy spaghetti! Pasta and sauce, on a plate, $16. wtf.
                Part of the appeal of Haven, for me, is that it's one of the most [comparatively] reasonably priced places in this godforsaken area. And frankly, if I'm going to spend $10 for a sandwich, I'd like to at least know that I'm supporting a local farmer or two while I'm at it.

                For someone to say that Haven is too expensive while Bistro Zinc charges $18 for a burger is just plain astounding....

                1. re: brande.mae

                  I didn't notice anyone saying Bistro Zinc was cheap. They didn't, and it isn't. They just said that Haven is expensive. Lots of stuff around here is way overpriced, as you've noticed. Lenox and Stockbridge are high-rent areas.
                  We don't consider ourselves godforsaken however. --- Have you ever tried Cafe Reva on Tyler Street for breakfast or lunch? On a Roll, on North Street, for same? Brix for a really terrific French bistro dinner at comparatively reasonable prices? These places all try to support local farmers as well. Check out Cakewalk in Lee.
                  No, we're not upstate NY. (How far up in NY? The Canadian border? We once went searching for dinner in Troy --- ah, well. But real estate prices are a lot higher here, on the whole, and that's reflected in food prices.)
                  Since you're stuck here, make the best of it. Jae's Spice for lunch, also Pittsfield. Haven't tried the new Pizza and Brazilian place (seriously) yet over on Elm Street, but it comes highly recommended. Kim's Dragon out on Route 20; plates somewhat higher than $16.00 but delicious, and enough for two people, or two meals for one.
                  Winter's not the best time to explore, granted: but give it a go.

                  1. re: brande.mae

                    The Burger at Bistro Zinc for lunch is $13, for dinner it is $18. It is a great Burger, 9oz of Black Angus Chuch, Brioche Bun, Sauteed Mushrooms, Cherry Wood Smoked Bacon, Comte Cheese, Crispy Onion Rings and Hand Cut Fries. All served in a beautiful environment. I have no problem paying for such a quality product.