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Jun 9, 2008 06:15 AM

Alta's in Lenox, MA

Anyone try this yet? It's in the old Napa space.

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  1. I talked with someone who went to their opening party. Apparently only the bar is open thus far, and they just opened on Friday night.

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      Went there the other night, they started opening for dinner since last monday. I had dinner on the patio with 3 friends. We were very impressed with the quality of the food and the service. Great salad and I think I had the best pork chop ever. They have an outstanding wine lilst as well. Definetely better than the old Napa !! and I would say best restaurant in town.

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        What's the menu like? Any one know if they're open for lunch?

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          I went there twice already! Great food, great cocktails/ wine, and great service. The prices are also very reasonable especially for lunch. Lunch is salads and paninis, and dinner becomes a little more upscale, but still simple and very down to earth. I had the salmon which was wonderful- it had an asian influence. My husband had the pork chop- which I tried and I agree, it was perfect. I believe they are open lunch and dinner 7 days, and are open for drinks at night. I hope that was helpful mjoyous, I highly recommend checking it out, I was very impressed!

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            thanks! will have to try it soon.

      2. My husband and I just tried Alta last week-end and enjoyed our dinner there. We have recorded it on video on our website www.berkshiresnow.com where you can see the food and wine and experience the atmosphere for 5 minutes. The presentation of the food is exceptional and so are the flavors.

        1. Just went to Alta for lunch last weekend and I am sorry to say that my experience was not as good as others have posted. Our "greeter" was in the middle of text messaging someone as we waited for her attention, ok no big deal. We were seated inside. The bar area was nicely decorated, but other than that I felt that the atmosphere was just ho hum. No music....we inquired, but they never did end up putting any on. Plus the acoustics were awful. We could hear our neighbors conversation as if they were dining with us and vice versa. Perhaps the music would have helped this?? Our service was just downright rude. No specials were offered, just a "do you know what you want to eat and drink?"
          The saving grace was the food. I had the Chicken BLT panini and it was quite good (not as warm as I would like it and not as smooshed together either) but very tasty nonetheless. Hubby ordered the Mountaineer Panini but got the Mediterranean. When he inquired the server replied coldly " I heard you say Mediterranean"....no worries, he ate it and enjoyed it. Friend ordered the cobb salad which was tasty and well put together. For drinks we had one beer (not cold) and some iced tea. A cold offer for coffee and dessert was presented with our bill as to say " Don't make me go back and get you something else". We politely declined coffee/dessert.
          All in all I was dissapointed. Service is as much to a restaurant as is good food and we left feeling sour. In this day and age when 3 for lunch goes for $65, I felt as if we would have gotten more for our money somewhere else. I don't want to seem to harsh, but that was my impression. Perhaps we will try again on a different day...... just my 2 pennies.....

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            Just went to Alta for dinner and have to report being extremely happy about the whole experience. Ignoring the snooty greeter, the service was warm, friendly and extremely solicitous of the 3 yr old we had with us. After telling us about the specials, the server immediately asked if we wanted to place an order for our daughter and appetizers for us, so that she could get food out for the kid while we considered our entree options. What a considerate thing to do - we fell in love with the place right then and there. Thien our food came - My husband had a pork chop with peaches and arugula: the peaches were subtle, but flavored the pork chop and greens so beautifully (the pork chop was moist and perfectly cooked). I had a salmon with olive tapenade, strips of zucchini and potato salad. Again, salmon was beautifully cooked, but when tasted alone, was almost under-spiced - however, when I ate everything together, I understood that the ingredients were not meant to be eaten alone, but as an ensemble of flavors complementing each other. Note to wine lovers: the by-the-glass wine recommendations on the menu were perfect. The dessert was lovely as well - dark chocolate cake with brandy-flavored cherries. I can't emphasize enough how the service was attentive and welcoming, and the food was fresh and delicious. An overall great experience.

          2. I respect Alta as a restaurant; I have been there multiple times for lunch and twice for dinner. I have sat both in the bar and in the dining room. I think the food and prices are pretty much on par with other local restaurants of their sort. However, what is different is the service; the owner is a youngish guy who takes the business very seriously and wants his customers to be happy. They have gone through and are still going through some growing pains but I have been there on several occasions when the owner is there making sure we are happy and taken care of. Definitely support Alta!