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Jun 9, 2008 02:07 AM

Le Gavroche - Prices?

Has anyone eaten here recently?
If so, what is the price of the tasting menu?
Additionally, how is the a la carte structured i.e. 2 courses for £x, 3 courses £y, 4 courses £z or is each dish individually priced?

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  1. Aliak,

    The Gavroche do a fixed-price lunch - around £50 - which is the best culinary bargain in London. It includes a three course meal with half a bottle of wine per person, and for quality and service there are few venues which compare. I think the evening is a la carte menu only and prices are substantially higher.

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    1. re: uncle_monty

      Thanks Monty, but I am already aware of that offer. I was actually more interested in dinner.
      I am quite sure that there is a tasting menu as, on the website, there is a Menu Exceptionnel, shown under the sample menu section.
      Thanks again!

      1. re: aliak

        if i remember correctly a la carte was £20 - 30 starters and £30 - 40 main courses. we hit the wine and ran the bill way-up, but if you budget for £150-200 per head for dinner you could do the full experience and drink pretty well i think.

        1. re: aliak

          I think the exceptionnel (or however you spell it) is about £100 per head plus wine, think it's 7 courses. I investigated a while ago for my dad's birthday so that info may be a bit out of date.