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Jun 8, 2008 10:54 PM

Restaurant near Park Central Hotel

Hello New York chowhounds! I'm writing on behalf of three Los Angeleno chowhounds, who'll be visiting the city in a few weeks. We'll be staying at the Park Central Hotel, which, I understand, is right near the Museum of Modern Art. This is very exciting. But equally exciting is the chance for good food. Could I call upon anyone here for their recommendations? Preferred cuisines would be French, Italian, New American, and, I don't know, Traditional? Whatever one would call food that's good and satisfying, but not necessarily super-adventurous. As for price point, we're looking to come in around $20-$40/person for entrees. Ambiance is not especially a concern, though quieter is generally better. One more wrinkle: one of our party is a vegetarian (eggs and dairy fine, but no fish). As he has said though, anything more than a salad is perfectly acceptable.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. You should try Fig & Olive on 52nd between Madison and 5th. It is very close to MoMA, you can check their website: Also, MoMA's restaurant, The Modern is quite nice. But do venture to other neighborhoods, it's quite easy to get around NYC on the subway.

    1. The Park Central is on 7th at about 56th. I would heartily recommend Destino NY, which is on 1st at about 50th. Great little neighborhood Italian restaurant, good ambience, great food, and the chef used to cook at Rao's and brought the meatball recipe with him. So, this place has not only amazing Italian food, but the best meatballs in NYC. Reasonably priced, and you can BYOB if you want (with a pretty hefty corkage fee -- I think $20 a bottle or so). But it also has a nice wine list and full bar, and I understand (our waiter told us) that Emeril eats there a lot.

      Otherwise, if ambience is not an issue, Carnegie Deli is 2 doors down and has about the best corned beef in the city, and decent cheesecake. Go to Katz's for pastrami, though, and Junior's for a cheesecake quest (neither of which is as close as Carnegie).

      1. Angelo's Pizza! It is right next door to the David Letterman theater. It would make a terrific stop for lunch

        1. Just met a friend who has a time share at the hotel. We had a nice lunch right across the street at the Redeye Grill. Also nearby on 7th is Molyvos (sp), Greek, which get's good reviews. If you just start walking East on 56th street you'll find a rest. every other door! For casual dining check out the Bouchon Bakery on Columbus Circle in the monster building -:) There's a subway stop at 57th and 7th if you want to head downtown. Also, a bus stop at 56th and 7th in front of the Redeye.

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