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Jun 8, 2008 10:06 PM

Mid-Priced Barcelona, suggestions

I have read as much about Barca restos from the current entries in the Spain/Portugal info. Lots of info to feed on...
My wife and I are going there in late June for 3 nights (Thu,fri,sat), and we are trying to be "midbudget"... Lots of stuff on the board about high-end places such as all those familiar candidates in Eixample -- cinc sentits, Moo, gaig, Alkimia and such.
But nothing about 'best bang for your buck" on Catalan restos...
Looking to spend, on average, between US$100 to US$120 for dinner for 2, that includes starter, dinner, split the dessert and bottle of good rioja/red
Couple of places that are doable, on price range, are Agut, L'Olive, Nonnel... Trying to find a seafood specialist outside of Rias de Galicia, and Can Ramonet looks doable.
Suggestions are welcome. In essence looking for not true, true high-end but just a notch below the usual suspects... Not looking for hole in the walls either.
Look forward to any help that can be provided.

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  1. There are some very good places in the 60 to 80E for two. The wine may not be rioja but a very drinkable red. If one order a la carte instead of the tasting menu, some of the "high end" places such as Cinc Sentits, Comerc24, L'Olive, Sauc, Coure are doable. Good, though not great, traditional places include Ample 24, Agut, Can Lluis, Cafe de l'Academia and Ca L'Estevet. One way to fit dinner in your budger is to splurge one night at a high end place and then eat at a sit down tapas places the next night. Good and fun places are Paco Meralgo, La Cerverseria Catalana, El Xampanyeti and the more eclectic Santa Maria and Little Bestiari. The back dining room at Tactika Berri has very good Basque cooking. The front pinxto bar is excellent but only standup and stools. I think the moderate seafood places are a hit and miss. Decent places in Barcelonetta are Can Mao, Merendero del Mari, El Suquet de L'Almirall and Kaiku. Also El Barkito in the Eixample.

    1. PBSF's extensive list is excellent.

      You might also consider Goliard. It has been mentioned a couple times on the board. It is my favorite Catalan restuarant in the city. I would not say it serves very traditional Catalan food per se but it does not go too far off course into the experimental realm of Cinc Sentits and Comerc24.

      It is still a very local place and off the beaten track. You can get all the info--including menu and prices here:

      Here are some of my personal favorite dishes here:

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        Goliard is a great recommendation. I've had several very good lunches there but never for dinner. It is not too far, though it is on a small difficult to find street past the Diagonal.

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        1. Thanks again. Just to let you know, I have secured a reservation one night at Cinc Sentits.... now trying to figure out if and where I can reserve for Friday and Saturday nights.... (fyi, i have since changed my signon/username to Mouton Noir)

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            My husband and I liked Taxidermista in the Placa Reial (Barri Gotic). We were there for a somewhat early Sunday dinner. Fairly traditional with a few twists, and pricewise felt it was the upper end of moderate (but we're from NYC,so YMMD). The grilled monkfish was fresh and well prepared, there was a good wine selection;we felt we got our money's worth. Eat outside if the weather is nice.