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Jun 8, 2008 09:52 PM

Lunch in Branford, CT

I will be travelling to Branford, CT this week and wonder if anyone has a suggestion for a good lunch spot.

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  1. Darbar! Terrific Indian food, right on the town common.

    1. Lenny's Indian Head Inn, for seafood. 205 S Montowese Street (1-1/2 miles S. of Green) (203) 488-1500
      or Ayuthai (Thai) on Main (2279 Boston Post Rd), about a mile east of the Green. I can't guarantee they're open for lunch. Anyone know? You could call: (203) 453-2988
      Second Darbar if you dig Indian.

      Get some fresh fish at Bud's Fish Market while you're in the area!
      4 Sybil Avenue (800) 348-1019

      1. a good resource is, then click on CT and Branford. They have menus you can look at.

        here are some suggestions: On Main st. Mango's, Foe, Pasta Cosi, Darbar, Thai One, and a new one where Tenderloin's used to be and I can't remember the new name that starts with a C. On Route 1, Boston Post Rd., on Tues. Wed. Thur. for lunch there is a really good Mexican buffet at Jalapeno Heaven. Milton's Italian, La Cuisine, Campania Ristorante & Taverna. Others: Lenny's Indianneck, Dockside (don't know if it's open for lunch), D'Amatos seafood and Rita's ice cream on Boston Post Rd. And, there's always Chowder Pot. For diner food, Townhouse Diner is the best.

        Please post where you went and how you like it!

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        1. re: Shoreliner

          Not sure I could stand behind Chowder Pot, although it's been a while since I ate there (vowed never again), maybe it's changed for the better.

          Lenny's and Jalapeno Heaven are good choices, though.

          1. re: hollerhither

            Well, I wasn't sure if I should even mention Chowder Pot. I live close to it and occasionally eat there - the food has been really good - but I don't really like the atmosphere and it's noisy. It's always so crowded too.

          2. re: Shoreliner

            I am curious about Campania Ristorante and Taverna and Assaggio's (which you mentioned in another post)... There's not a lot to be gleaned from CH or other places about these two restaurants and I love a good Italian restaurant,... especially if it's "family" run and operated.
            I believe you meant Lenny's Indian Head Inn (not neck), just to be clear?

            Also, not to be confused, there's Lenny and Bruce's (just kidding, I call Christopher Martin's, [in New Haven], "Ben and Jerry's"). I think it's nearby and called Lenny and Joe's Fish Tale, which I know nothing about. I assume they're not related, or similar?

            1. re: Scargod

              Campania ( and Assaggio ( are both very good. Campania was recently reviewed in the Fri. wkend section of New Haven Register newspaper. Both restaurants have small outside patio areas. Service was also very good at both. Check out their menus online.

              You are right that Lennys is IndianHead. I was confused since there is an area in Branford called IndianNeck. And, Lenny and Joe's Fish Tale in Madison (also in Westbrook) is better in my opinion that Lenny's IndianHead. The two Lennys restaurants are not related.

            2. re: Shoreliner

              I've had two meals recently at La Cuisine in Branford and I have to say they were both fantastic. For lunch I had their fish tacos which were excellent -- served with a terrific home made salsa and a side of mixed rice, beans & peppers. Breakfast was equally good. I had an omelette with carmelized onions, fresh mushrooms, and gruyere cheese. My dining companion had the home made corned beef hash which might be the best I've ever had (and I've had a lot!). Both orders came with a side of their 7 grain toast that I finished every bite of, and I never eat more than a couple bites of toast. All in all this very unassuming place (you'd likely drive right by it without a recommendation) is turning out some really great food.

            3. If it is nice out, definitely the deck at Lenny's. La Cuisine would be great to pick something up and go on a picnic. Pasta Cosi does good work, not sure about them for lunch though.

              Chowder Pot gets 2 thumbs down.

              1. Not knowing price cuisine, etc-- I would suggest:
                Pasta Cosi

                all different, but all good.