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Jun 8, 2008 09:26 PM

Best fried chicken in Chicago

My friend's having a party where everyone is supposed to bring the best fried chicken they can find in the area (fun, right?)! Can anyone tell me their favorites, since I don't know the area very well yet? Thanks!

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  1. My bid would be for the Korean Fried Chicken served a Great Sea restaurant on Lawrence. Yes it's a Chinese restaurant, but front atrium pays homage to the chicken eaters and the number of drumstick proudly consumed. I'm a recent convert to that spicy-sweet hotness that is Korean Fried chicken but I think it beats any sort of fried poultry I've had (this is including, somewhat blasphemously, Harold's).

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      I have yet to go to the Great Sea, but we recently had Korean fried chicken from Super H Mart's Toreore Chicken and Joy. Fantastic. Does the Great Sea offer it in various flavors (garlic, sweet and spicy etc...). I got the plain and it was wonderful, but I want to try the garlic next time.

      I think that this was the best fried chicken that I have had in Chicago in a loooong time.

    2. Look for a Harold's in the area. One of the better fried-chicken take-out restaurants in Chicago, altho quality is sometimes dependent on the particular franchise.

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          We have a saying in Hyde Park (when I used to live there), that the chicken wasn't right unless it was served from bullet-proof glass. I don't recommend the new Harold's on Milwaukee Ave in Wicker Park (BF got PINK chicken there once!). However, there's tons of locations in the South Loop that have been around forever and they know exactly how to fry.

        2. Joe's Stone Crab has great fried chicken.

          1. Try Chengs Fried Chicken under the Bryn Mawr El stop. Best fried chicken & darn good fried rice!!

            1. Glad that I still heard good things about the fried chicken at the Fish Keg on Howard.