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Jan 6, 2003 10:17 PM

Palm Springs

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Can anyone recommend some restaurants in Palm Springs?

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  1. Enjoy your trip.

    In Palm Springs
    Riccio's (Italian)
    Otani (Japanese)
    John Henry's (Continental)
    Le Vallauris (French)
    Edgardo's (Mexican)
    Europa at the Villa Royale (Continental)
    La Provence (French)
    LG's (Steaks) Always BIG debates on steak houses and some will say LG's is a no go. Go.
    Sherman's Deli (packed on weekends)

    In Rancho Mirage
    Shame on the Moon (Continental)
    Alberto's (Italian)

    In Palm Desert
    Cafe des Beaux Arts, (French)
    Le Paon (Continental)

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    1. re: Cluemap

      Thus is a very good list I would add:

      Melvyn's In the Ingleside Inn for retro steaks and chops

      Pommes-Frites-256 S. Palm Canyon Belgian Bistro with good mussles and fries

      Tyler's 149 S.Indian Canyon Dr Good Burgers

      Cuistot- El Paseo in Palm desert Classic French inspired

      1. re: Cluemap
        torta basilica

        You didn't mention St. James on the Vineyard. I've heard it has changed ownership. We had an incredible dinner there 2 Thanksgivings ago. Has it really changed? I'll be totally bummed if it has.

        1. re: torta basilica

          I haven't been to St. James in years. Last time someone wrote about it on Chowhounds (maybe a year ago...) they loved it. Probably is time to try it out again!

      2. We just spent a few days there with the kids. For kitsch up the wazoo and good value chow you can't beat
        Billy Reeds Restaurant
        1800 N. Palm Canyon Dr.
        PS, 760-325-1946
        Good for potpies, fish and chips and that sort of stuff. Also, the chocolate cake was pretty darn good.

        Also, I second the recommendation for Sherman's Deli. It was very friendly and the food was fine.

        I would warn chow pals to avoid a mini chain called Taqueria. There are several in the area. I thought I could get a quick bite with the kids but it was the quintessential tourist trap. Really expensive and staggeringly mediocre.

        1. avoid billy reed's like the plague....unless quantity is more important than decent food and atmosphere-
          riccios good but $$$$$
          avoid melvyn's, $$$$ and overrated
          le valluris for a special evening, $$$$
          europa ditto
          but most important:
          el mirasol, 140 e palm canyon (not the 1 in palm desert)- fantastic mexican, keyed to several outstanding sauces: mole, pipian, adobado, tomatillo, and more - sit on patio and look at the mountain!

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          1. re: terry house

            We also had a fabulous lunch at Don and Sweet Sue's - tasted like homemade everything.

          2. f

            The best breakfast in the desert is Don and Sweet Sue's in Cathedral City on Ramon Road. Chicken liver and green onion omlette to die for (and probably die from).

            Great breakfasts there no matter what you get.

            3419 Ramon Road - Cathedral City

            1. Stick to Northous comments. Seems right on the money, and quality. El Mirasol is wonderful for good, affordable, very casual Mexican, and definitely avoid Billy Reed's. Is Sherman's Deli still in the Springs? Thought they moved, or at least opened a Palm Desert location.

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              1. re: carter

                Sherman's is still alive and kicking on Tahquitz.

                1. re: cluemap

                  Had a smoked fish platter for breakfast there one Sunday recently, set me back $45.00.

                  1. re: Chino Wayne

                    Ouch! Hope the smoked fish was worth it, Chino Wayne!

                    We used to love the breakfast waffles at Elmer's, stuffed with bacon bits. Sadly, this was one of the first things to be dropped from the 'New and Improved' menu a couple years ago.

                2. re: carter
                  Palm Springs chef

                  Wow, Carter! Such an expert you can tell this person coming to visit Palm Springs to listen only to the comments of 'Northous', since you've deemed them to be correct. Yet, you don't even know Sherman's is still open in Palm Springs? And, by the way, 'Special Occasion' restaurant? Perhaps, their visit to Palm Springs is considered a 'Special Occasion'. Perhaps they are here not on a Motel 6 budget. In my opinion ---- the list given by Cluemap is a sound one. He seems to know the lay of the gastronomic land.