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Jun 8, 2008 07:44 PM

my hardcore Italian Father-in-law

Please. Help. Need gift certificate for my sweetheart Father-in-law. He's about to retire. He's from New York. (Brooklyn) His brothers still live there. I gotta find a gift certificate. Please tell me about a place in Little Italy or somewhere that they would love to go, talk about old times, feel like mob bosses, and enjoy a cigar outside afterward. I need this suggestion as fast as possible.
Thank you Big Apple buddies...

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  1. If he's originally from Brooklyn and his brothers still live there, then get a gift certificate good at a resturant in Brooklyn. No ? Post this same request on the Outer Boroughs board so you can receive a handful of suggestions from there. HTH.

    1. I doubt seriously that Little Italy in Manhattan would be of any interest to them. How about Little Italy in the Bronx (Arthur Ave) or Peter Luger (power steakhouse in Brooklyn)? You can search the Outer Boroughs board for more suggestions on Arthur Ave.

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        Or maybe Queen, if they're already in Brooklyn.