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Jun 8, 2008 07:18 PM

Need Help with Ideas for Gift Certificate for Good NOLA Restaurant

I'd like to give my niece a gift certificate to a good restaurant in New Orleans as a graduation present, but don't know what restaurants would be best and which ones offer gift certificates. I've checked the websites of several places mentioned in this board and haven't seen any offering gift certificates online. I haven't tried phoning yet to see what's available.

My niece is moving to New Orleans to work as a teacher in a school in a poor part of town. She has fairly sophisticated and diverse food tastes. She doesn't go for big slabs of meat. She likes Asian cuisine but has had lots of opportunities to get great Asian food near her home in the San Francisco Bay Area and will have many future chances when visiting her parents there, so unless there's some uniquely Louisianan Asian food that's probably not the best choice. She has been known to order gumbo.

I plan on giving her a gift certificate for about $100 with the idea that she could go with a friend and they would pay any costs over $50 per person. It shouldn't be a place that costs too much more than that since she won't be making much money. I would go higher (say $120) but don't want to give her more than she would likely spend. (Unless restaurants give change on gift certificates, which I doubt).

I would rather not send her to a dive or a risky part of town, but she'd probably like a place with some local color.


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  1. Brennan's does g.c.'s, and I assume that if they do, all the other Brennan's joints do, too. They might have one g.c. that is good for all their restaurants, and that would be a pretty good option. I've attached the link to the Brennan's restaurant's g.c. ordering page so you can give them a call. I'm not sure about any other restaurants, however. You'll probably just have to call them individually.

    1. Commander's Palace. American Express used to send a dining GC allowing the user to go anywhere that accepts the card.

      1. Commander's would be a great choice.

        Some smaller places uptown would be Mat n Naddie's, One, Vizard's, Lilette. Tell her thank you for coming to teach here.

        1. Clancy's does G.C.'s, And it's in a pretty good neighborhood.

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            Dick and Jenny's does also. I know I have given the previously mentioned AMEX gift card that is for use in restaurants, so that may be an option, that way she can use it wherever she feels like going

          2. The Louisiana Restaurant Association (800-256-4572) sells gift certificates in $10 & $25 denominations. 50 cent handling fee. Good at hundreds of restaurants.