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Jun 8, 2008 06:57 PM

Quality hooch in Portland?

Just moved to town, located in the NE near Alberta Street -- the liquor stores I've visited tend to stock only the large brands.

Where can I find a good selection of specialty alcohol, particularly some of the fantastic stuff created by Oregon distillers?

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  1. There's a handful that the local "cocktailians" like to inhabit because of all the cool stuff they stock, but my nearby one is Pearl Specialty on the corner of NW 10th and Johnson.

    1. The best one I've been to is in Beaverton, near the Fred Meyer. Not sure about the local selection, but the tequila choice might be the best in town.

      1. Closest to you, I think the best one is at the corner of SE Hawthorne and 11th.

        1. Try the Rose City Liquor store at 7333 NE Fremont. They have a great selection and lots of local stuff.

          1. Thanks, all! I shall go forth and fortify.

            Guess I'll try the Hawthorne or Fremont joints first, and then work my way around ...