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Jun 8, 2008 06:46 PM

non cooked dishes

I just saw a three bean salad on CH board and with temperatures exceeding 30 Celsius around here, what else can you suggest as a non stove meal?

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  1. Our dinner tonight involved minimal cooking for the same heat related reasons. Summer rolls filled with tofu and shrimp. Slice extra firm tofu into slabs. Make marinade with 2T fish sauce, 1T lime juice, 1T sriracha and 1T honey (approx, adjust to taste). Brown tofu on both sides in skillet and then cut into long strips. Poach shrimp (or purchase already cooked), halve lengthwise and then toss with same marinade as for tofu. Soak rice stick noodles in hot water until soft, rinse with cold water and drain. Slice cucumber and carrot into thin long strips. Wash fresh basil and mint leaves. for each summer roll: soak 1 rice paper wrapper at a time in hot water for 30 seconds to 1 minute until soft and pliable. For each roll, top with small amount of noodles, 2 strips of tofu, 4 shrimp halves, few strips each of cucumber and carrot, 2 basil leaves and 2 mint leaves. Roll tightly. Serve with peanut sauce mixed with sriracha and a bit of honey.

    These were delicious, flavorful and light. So much tastier and more balanced than those we end up ordering from our mediocre neighborhood places.

    I also made a few without the rice noodles in them. they were also very good -- fairly substantial and a bit lower in carbs.

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      Oh, and we've been thinly slicing zucchini and red bell peppers and having them raw with pasta sauce or hummus.

    2. Apparently I'm going to flit around this board telling everyone to make ceviche.

      1. Here's a great list Mark Bittman did last summer of hot-weather friendly meals that require little or no cooking:

          Mexican-Style Chick-Pea Salad
          Recipe courtesy Gourmet Magazine

          1. Using things I have on hand--pasta or couscous salad with red pepper, cucumber, onion, canned white beans and a vinaigrette. Tuna melts on the grill. Egg salad sandwiches on toasted bread with pesto.