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Jun 8, 2008 06:26 PM

Ambience like the King Cole bar in NYC?

I'd like to find a resto in LA that has an ambience like the King Cole bar in the St. Regis hotel in NYC - lots of dark polished wood, comfy leather chairs, dim light, soothing, a very civilized oasis. Of course the food must be good too. Any recs would be appreciated.
Tanks Doilinks

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  1. The only comparable bars I can think of are:

    The lounge area in the Chateau Marmont...not Bar Marmont but the actual lounge area in the hotel. Most people sit outside in the courtyard but sometimes I prefer the indoor area. It is dark, cozy, and it makes me feel like I'm Vincent Price. You can order off the main menu and there is table service. I love the Pasta Bolegnese here.

    Another option is The Gallery Bar inside The Biltmore Hotel downtown. Beautiful Beax-Arts detailing. Elegant looking. However the patrons seem to be more tourist than elegant and the bartenders don't usually know how to pour a drink.

    Finally, there is the lobby inside The Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood. The bars at the hotel are interesting: Tropicana, Teddy's, The Bar in Dakota, and that tiny bar off the lobby with the animal print sofas...but I like to sit in the dim lobby and people watch. There is table service and you can order food.

    1. The bar at the Hotel Bel Air might do it for you as well, although I believe they only serve a bar menu.