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Jun 8, 2008 06:16 PM

New menu at Gargoyle's

Went to Gargoyle's last night and discovered that it was the first day of their new menu.

We started off by sharing a chilled parsnip soup. It was served in a down-swept bowl and the server came with a container of frozen black garlic, with swirling vapors from the liquid nitrogen, and placed them in the soup. Other ingredients: rock shrimp, burnett, and (I forget the name) a French curry that tasted like thinly crisped strips of onion with cumin and coriander overtones. This was an outstanding start to the meal. Very refreshing for

For entrees, I had the half chicken and my DC had the grilled chili prawns special (from the last menu). The chicken was huge. Our server said that no one had been able to finish it. Another server said we'd be having it for lunch tomorrow. The chicken was served over a bed of soft polenta with candied lemon, with pancetta, hens ear mushrooms, garlic, and the most intense jus I've had. It was accompanied with a small serving disj of cedar spearmint salt. And they were right, I didn't finish it. The prawns were served over unagi fried rice, seared pea tendrils, and shiso ponzu. My DC said it was a wonderful upscale version of the fried rice we had had at a Japanese noodle shop in Honolulu a few weeks ago.

For dessert we could not resist the butterscotch fondant and black truffle ice cream, which was accompanied by a frescatini for me and a pomegranate for my DC.

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  1. Thanks for the update. Do you know if they're serving their new items at the bar? Can't recall whether they have separate menus.

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      They do have two different menus. You can always get dining room menus at the bar, but usually not vice versa.

    2. I love that butterscotch fondant and bluck truffle ice cream and I'm more of a cheese for dessert person than a dessert person. Thanks for the report.

      1. "Our server said that no one had been able to finish it."

        That sounds like a dare. Do you get it free if you eat it all? :)