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Jun 8, 2008 06:05 PM

Best machacado?

Machacado was one of my childhood faves at El Mirador in SA. I've had a range of pretty good to god-awful here in Austin, but nothing yet that quite lived up to my memories.

Any suggestions, y'all?

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  1. my favorites are curra's (w/mole) and amayas (w/white cheese)

    1. Hands down, the machacado at Habanero cafe on Oltorf between S.1st and S. Congress.

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      1. re: Philly369

        i'll have to check that out. i love the rest of their stuff.

      2. Second Curra's, but with borracho salsa. Also Angie's, which has bigger chunks than I'm used to, but flavorful and plentiful and on awesome tortillas.

          1. re: platinum

            borrego d'oro (not spelled correctly). congress & ben white. spicy and delicious.

          2. I didn't know what machacado was, so I looked it up. The dried meat, egg, tortilla combo sounds yummy, but I have an issue (it's my issue and I'll own it) with peppers. I don't like them, so sometimes a Tex Mex dish will sound really tasty to me, but turns out the meat has been simmered or cooked inextricably with peppers and even if I manage to separate them, they've left flavor behind, making it hard for me to enjoy the food.

            For the places mentioned, are any of these "pepper-free", or could be ordered that way? How do these places serve the machacado? I noticed a couple of sauce options (I usually love mole). Curra's was the only place I found online, and the menu wasn't as descriptive as I'd hoped. Thanks!

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              I've never experienced machacado with any sort of heat, that's just not how it's prepared, any sauce should come on the side.
              Just think of it as shredded beef jerky but very moist, it's best scrambled with eggs IMO.

              1. re: chucklesmcfarland

                Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I'm definitely going to try it!