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Jun 8, 2008 06:01 PM

Great restaurants in Toledo, OH area

I would like to purchase a gift certificate to a quality restaurant in Toledo for an older couple that is getting married in a couple weeks. However, I'm not having too much luck finding something that's not a chain! Where can I send them for approximately $150? It doesn't have to be in Toledo proper, as they live in Maumee, OH (20 minutes drive from the city), but not too far away. Thanks for your help, I appreciate anything you can give me!

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  1. I would suggest either Mancy's (the original steakhouse) or Giorgio's. There are also some new Japanese places that are nice depending on their cuisine preferences. One other to check out is Fifi's. She had sold but recently took it back and reopened. I have not been since this happened, but it was always very nice.

    1. If this is meant to be a special occasion type restaurant then perhaps they'd consider driving a reasonable distance?

      If that's the case then there are three restaurants that I think would fit the bill. I don't like posting recommendations based on second hand info so I put this off until I could get to one of them. I actually drove 2h40 each way to try Revolver. Don't tell me I've never done anything for you. According to Google, it's 45 minutes from Maumee. I think it would be a great gift. Much of my food was very good. I don't regret the long drive at all and I think I'll probably suffer through it again sometime. Revolver was on the long list of nominations for a Beard Award in the Great Lakes Region.

      I've also been to Zingerman's Roadhouse which actually made it to the list of five official finalists for the award. I'd go back again if I was in the area. According to Google Maps it's 54 minutes from Maumee.

      I haven't been to Tribute. It's 1hr20m from Maumee. It has the sort of reputation that leads people to drive 1hr20m. I'd certainly go. Unfortunately, it's >3hr for me.

      I'm not familiar with any restaurants actually in Toledo or Maumee but I think the drive might be worth it. These restaurants are some of the best in the Midwest. Besides, the drive itself could make the dinner a little different from the normal routine hence a little special.

      Revolver Restaurant
      110 E Sandusky St, Findlay, OH 45840

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        Revolver would be great, but the OP said they didn't want to drive too far. Ann Arbor is an hour from Maumee and I would not think of Zingerman's Roadhouse as a special occasion place in AA - more along those lines are West End Grill or Eve if AA is being considered.