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Jun 8, 2008 05:32 PM

Cocina Guatemalteca in Providence/CF/Pawt

So my husband mentioned that he wanted to branch out from Mexican food and try other cuisines. I was expecting him to want to try Greek or Indian or something more exotic, but he decided that his culinary exploration should start with Guatemalan food.

We've eaten at Maya Azteca which, despite its name, serves mainly a Guatemalan clientele, but other than that, I don't know which would be a good place to start.

Any recommendations for specific restaurants or dishes to start with?

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  1. Mi Guatemala on Atwells is friendly, cheap, has huge portions, and (I assume) lots of Guatemalan food. I've eaten there twice, and both times it's been good, if not amazing, but I ordered pretty tamely. They might have more interesting stuff if you go deeper into the menu than I did.

    Mi Guatemala
    1049 Atwells Ave
    Providence, RI 02909
    (401) 621-9147

    1. (My opinion is that) there's a reason Mexican food is so ubiquitous and other Central/South American cuisines aren't. Guatemala is geographically close and they still use some peppers in their cooking (which most other C/S American regions do not and probably why I don't like them nearly as much).

      But here's another suggestion:
      El Chapincito, 482 Broadway

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        Any recommendations on specific dishes we should ask for?

        I don't do any sort of funky bits like sesos, lengua, pata, kidney, or tripa (although Homeboy does with gusto).