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Jun 8, 2008 05:29 PM

veg-friendly portland top recs?

any not to be missed restaurants that are great for vegetarians as well as meat eaters?

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      1. re: Elettaria

        Taqueria Neuve
        Lovely Hula Hands
        Pho Van
        Queen of Sheba
        Tin Shed
        Vita Cafe

        1. re: cs5becky

          Tacqueria Nueve is closed...

          Vindalho would be on my list.

        2. re: Elettaria

          I would like to amend and say that to miss Nutshell or Blossoming Lotus (particularly, Nutshell) just because someone eats meat would be a shame....Nutshell is quite a gem and vegan. I say this and I'm a traditionalist omnivore.

      2. IMHO, it's easier to list the places that AREN'T veg-friendly than the ones that are (off the top of my head, carnivorous ones would be Podnah's and Beast). That said, one place I that I think should be included as great for vegetarians is Higgins.

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        1. re: Nettie

          i would have thought that too but i was looking up menus of the top recs in previous posts and they seemed very meat-centric. i was surprised. how is the farm?

          1. re: Elettaria

            I've heard good things about The Farm. Not been myself, though.

            Pok Pok has some good veggie options as well (some dishes are vegetarian, others are veggie optional); no sense in missing out on one of Portland's top restaurants.

            1. re: Elettaria

              Farm is pretty good. There's fish on the menu and several vegan choices. Decent wine list, nice bar, nice setting...service can be a bit spotty and sometimes not so good, but not always. I'm a meat lover, but I really like their herb crusted tofu with marsala mushrooms.

          2. thanks! i can't wait to try them!

              1. has anybody recommended Kalga Cafe on SE Division? They have a sample plate with a bit of everything. perfect.

                i would second Vindalho. you can get a chutney sampler with your choice of three chutney's. each chutney is completely different from the other.