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Jun 8, 2008 05:20 PM

Restaurant between Allentown and Somerville

I need a restaurant between Allentown, PA and Somerset County, NJ. Thank you

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  1. Barb:
    Given that there are about fifty thousand restaurants fitting your bill, if you can be just a tad more specific, I'm sure that both I and a potent pack of happy hounds will gladly supply you with a passel of recommendations.
    Type of cuisine?
    Price range?
    Time of day?
    More specific location?

    Let us know.

    1. don't say what type of restaurant you need, but the town of Clinton would be somewhat in the middle and has a number of restaurants. The town is right off of Rt. 78 and easy to find.
      If you post with more information, such as cuisine and cost, I can offer more suggestions.

      1. We like well cooked food, good wine, and casual, no matter what cuisine. we have tried Rosa Luca in Asbury. Is it still around?We allso have been to Perryville Inn. We frequently go to Aqua on Rte 202 in Bridgewater. I thought that was too far for our Allentown Friends.
        Thanks for replying.

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          We've been enjoying the heck out of Splash Of Thai in Somerville, and Shumi (extraordinary sushi) in Somerville, too. They're both BYOs. If you go to Shumi, tell Ike, the sushi chef, that one of his Saturday regulars sent you and he'll take beautiful care of you. It's costly but amazing. If you go to Splash, tell Tora the waiter that you read about him on Chowhound, and *he'll* take beautiful care of you too!