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Jun 8, 2008 05:13 PM

What do you think about Kee Club?

As you know, Kee Club sells dim sum for lunch time, but its menu completely changes at night, offering a number of molecular cuisine. I believe different ingredients in a dish should harmonize with one another and create synergy effect, but most dishes I tried there were.....hmmm. What are your opinions?

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  1. I have been a member of KEE for about 18mo and primarily joined because of the food, but to be honest lately it seems to have lost it's edge. There has been little change in the menu since I joined, they say it changes every month but they are just rehashes of the same dishes. It is still good to take out of town’ers or food plebs as it is certainly a novel menu style but - now for me I am over it.

    I guess this sounds pretty negative - the food is still above average, but not the knockout it was and certainly as if not more pricy that Da Domenico (more traditional but probably better Italian food). If you are going, the foie gras dishes are always good, as is the oatmeal sweetbreads combination. Wagyu is way over priced, lamb quite good as is the bass. I was really disappointed with the scallops with thai perfume, that was while creative, totally pointless and added nothing to the flavour. I always think you can tell a good restaurant by the freshness of the scallops and spraying perfume on them does nothing for me.

    The maître d is great (Marc-David) and so is Lydia and Raphael. The rest of the staff are average at best. You also need to check your bill. I had a private dinner party for 12 there and the bill came to about HK$21,000, as you might imagine there was a fair amount of wine consumed and I paid the bill without studying it in detail. The agreement was that I would receive 10% off bottles of wine - which did not happen and they also charged us over 3,000 for water. That could not have been right as it would have been over 30 large bottles for 12 guests!! Anyway difficult to prove afterwards.

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      Thanks for sharing your opinions. Those are exactly my ponts.
      Molecular cooking techniques are no secrets any longer, and thet are simply the 'means' to accomplish a nice dish. The rest lies with the creativity and imagination of the chef.

      Kee Club's food was still far better than most restaurants in Hong Kong, but they were certainly not that astonishing to me. It may sound too harsh and it may not be a fair judgement of their food to say this, but to me, they were nothing but an array of different molecular cooking skills.