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Jun 8, 2008 05:06 PM

Burlington, VT Breakfast and Cafes/Diners Please

Going to Burlington, VT for a Wedding Labor Day weekend so please let me know of the best places to have Breakfast, Brunch and Lunches; I don't mind little places and tradtionally love dives and cute cafes. Thanks!

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  1. Lindy's Diner in Winooski, off Exit 16, gets my vote for good diner breakfast or lunch.

    There are others, but that's one that's pretty good.

    1. Avoid Penny Cluse. Slow service and a flash back inducing interpretation of bad 70's Californian Health food.

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        Leunig's is cute and good for lunch or Sunday brunch. It's also right on the marketplace:

        A good greasy spoon is Henry's, also on the marketplace on a side street:

        Magnolia is great for breakfast:;js...

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          Visiting Burlington last week, we had breakfast at Magnolia's twice, and enjoyed it each time. The staff is very friendly, and the food was fresh and delicious. The toughest part is finding the restaurant, it's tucked away in a downstairs location, in an out-of-the way office building.

      2. I have to disagree with chilihead's comment about Penny Cluse. I love Penny Cluse for breakfast or lunch. They are only open until 3 and they are so busy right up until that time. Prepare yourself for a line..... The taco salad (not your conventional by any means!!!) is just can get it with chicken or tilapia....the best!

        Sneakers in Winooski is a great place for breakfast too!

        I agree about Leunig's....the best!!! Brunch, lunch or cannot go wrong with this choice!!!

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          To avoid generalities, I'll say specifically that I don't think much of Penny Cluse's sourdough French toast (the sour flavor doesn't work for me, nor does the chewy texture) or of their buckwheat pancakes (not bad, just kinda blah). On the other hand, the freshly squeezed cranberry juice was pleasant and the bacon was very good. They seem to do a good job of making what they intend to make, using good ingredients. The problem, to me, would be to find those recipes of theirs that agree with my tastes.

        2. We had breakfast last week at the Sadie Katz Deli, located in the former Oasis Diner on Bank Street. The food was fresh and tasty, and the service was very good. For lunch, their corned beef sandwiches aren't New York, but their pretty close.

          1. Cute cafe:
            Penny Cluse; Mirabelle's.



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              I'll see you a dive at Nectar's and raise you one at McKee's just diagonal from Sneaker's. McKee's is doing a great brunch these days and you wouldn't think to go in there off the street. the good thing about it is it has good breakfast and lunch options so if you are going late people can decide what mood they are in. Check it out.