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Jun 8, 2008 04:58 PM

nice place in soho that is vegetarian friendly?

looking for a nice dinner spot for 4 pple in soho. We were thinking blue ribbon but they don't seem to be that vegtarian-friendly (there is one vegetarian in our group). Thoughts?

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  1. Does she eat seafood? If so, Aquagrill remains to be my favorite.

    1. Here are a few places in Soho that I have been to, liked and have had vegetarian food there (and occasionally fish)
      - Public
      - Woo Lae Oak
      - Spring Street Natural
      - Bread
      - Kelley & Ping (though they don't take res and you might have to wait)

      1. L'Ecole, they have a veggie option or if you like Thai, Kitichai