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Jun 8, 2008 03:44 PM

Lunch places in West Palm

Going to be stationed on SInger Island and was looking for some nice lunch spots that people have been to and can recommend.


Mike from Brooklyn

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  1. Get off of Singer Island to eat and you'll be doing much better. NPB, PBG, Juno, and Jupiter are north on US1 Jupiter is the furthest at about 12 miles north.

    Vietnamese Express Cafe - North Palm Beach on US1

    Captain Charlies Reef Grill - Juno Beach on US1
    no website

    Food Shack - Jupiter on US1 near Indiantown Rd
    Leftovers (new resto by Food Shack owner) - Jupiter on Military Road in Abacoa

    I can pretty much assure you that if you hit one of these places or all, you will be very happy. The last three serve creative style seafood in a very casual atmosphere. You should be able to get the addresses and map them out easily.

    1. The Brass Ring on US1 in Lake Park. Best burgers and coldest beer in Palm Beach County. Also Camilli's Pizza on Park Ave. in Lake Park. Crispy thin crust pizza. Thaicoon on Northlake Blvd., decent Thai. Also, The Buccaneer on Singer Island. Nice lunch spot.

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        I haven't found a better burger anywhere other than the Brass Ring. Even though it is a complete dive, the packed parking lot is the true testament. Duffy's burgers don't even compare. Another great pizza place is La Trattoria @ Carmine's on PGA Blvd. in PBG. I have yet to find any pizza that rivals theirs. I'll have to check out Camilli's. Thaicoon is pretty good for the area.

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          Camilli's has been there since the 60's, which counts as forever in PBC. They also have another location in Jupiter in Woods Plaza. Thin crispy crust, good ingredients. Another favorite pizza place is Palm Springs Pizza at Forest Hill and Summit. Excellent Greek-style pie.

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            Three other Thai spots worth noting are Thai Lotus in Tequesta, Wattana Thai at Forest Hill and Dixie Hwy, and Thai Thani at Summit and Forest Hill. All three are different styles, but all good.

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              flavrmeister..I agree with the Brass Ring.......Great burgers....

              correction, Palm Springs Pizza is at Forest Hill & Congress, I agree again, great pizza...They also have a great Greek Salad.

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                Thanks guys..will let you know how everything turns out...

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                  I must be slipping. The Greek salad and Greek pie w/sausage (well done) is an unbeatable combination.

          2. Camilli's is the best pizza? Just call me a pizza snob from Chicago, but you are wrong. Camilli's is good -- maybe as good as it gets in Jupiter and north county, but it is very greasy. I took a friend there for pizza, and they vomitted the whole night -- couldn't handle the grease.

            For good pizza, I travel south to Forest Hill and Military to Columbinos Bakery or up to Stuart to Pusateri's. Pusateri's is truly the best. Give it a shot!

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              I didn't say it was "the best". "The best" is Pepe's in New Haven, CT. I said Camilli's has a good thin-crust pie and is not far from Singer Island, and I stand by it. I never found it especially greasy. As a Chicagoan, you might appreciate Palm Springs Pizza which has a thicker heartier pie. There's also Mario's on US1 north of Monterey Rd. in Stuart. Nice Sicilian pie.

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                Hey flavrmeistr, have you ever bee to Pusateri's in Stuart? I keep hearing it is the bomb but am still wondering. My brother swears by Carmela's nearby in Stuart.

                1. re: freakerdude

                  Where is it? I'll check it out next time I'm in town.

                  1. re: flavrmeistr

                    Here you go but they are closed from Jun 18th to June 24th for vacation.


                    Pusateri's Chicago Pizza
                    221 SE Ocean Blvd, Stuart, FL 34994

            2. If you are a sushi fan, try Sushi Jo across from Hotel Biba on Belvedere Road. They also have a new location in the Gardens, but I've not been to that one.