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Jun 8, 2008 03:29 PM

Help! with Stuttgart, Essen

Hi All- I will be in Stuttgart and Essen for work soon, and am looking for any restaurant recommendations in these cities. I will not have a car, so relatively central / transit-accessible is a big plus.

I especially would like to find places with local specialties (and I won't even pretent to know what these are); otherwise, I am not picky about how nice, how expensive...I love a good hole in the wall or a bar with great food.

Any ideas out there?


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    There you find "Besenwirtschaft", these are small very privat and intimate "guestrooms", limited but mostly regional menu. They can be identified by a twig or a brush on the building.

    As the name of the village (suburb of Stuttgart) says, there are plenty of wineries and vinyards, all growing "wurttemberger" wine, which rarely can be found in stores, because it is mostly absorbed locally.

    Unfortunately all not central, but as public transport (S-Bahn) is excellent you should not miss this unique experience...